CORRIE ON Three massive ITV Coronation Street theories: fan favourite finds love and Lauren Bolton’s murderer is caught out

An shocking arrest is made as the police believe Lauren Bolton was murdered – are they on the right track?

After making several cameos in Weatherfield, SOAP fans were overjoyed to learn that DS Swain is now a permanent fixture.

Fans have conjectured that as the Coronation Street detective embarks on a fresh inquiry, romance might be in the works for her.

The search for Lauren continuesCredit: ITV
An arrest is madeCredit: ITV
But could Daniel be responsible?Credit: ITV

1. Murderer exposed

Before making plans to leave Weatherfield in order to obtain the fresh start she so desperately wanted, Lauren Bolton (played by Cait Fitton) was fired from her position at Roy’s Rolls.

When the misbehaving teenager was last seen, she was talking to Roy Cropper (David Neilson), who had just thrown her out of his café and given her her money.

The café proprietor disclosed in recent scenes of the ITV soap opera that Roy and Lauren didn’t separate on the best of terms.

But this week, after Bobby Crawford (Jack Carroll) tells DS Swain (Vicky Myers) about his relationship with Lauren, this admission gets him into serious danger.

In a horrifying turn of events, fresh evidence discovered in Lauren’s apartment seems to indicate that her attacker may have murdered or seriously harmed her. As a result, Roy Cropper was placed under arrest this week on suspicion of murder.

And although fans don’t think adored Roy, who is known for his calm and gentle nature, could be Corrie’s new murderer, they do not think he has a bad bone in his body.

Rather, a number of people think that another character—who was also thought to be the teen’s enigmatic boyfriend—may be accountable for Lauren’s inexplicable absence and possible demise.

The callers at No. 8 this week are Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), inquiring about Lauren.

Max Turner (Paddy Bever) asks Daniel about his tutoring sessions in response to this.

Max is suspicious of Daniel after seeing the dates don’t add up, especially since he was attempting to determine who Lauren was secretly dating in addition to his own girlfriend Sabrina Adetiba (Luana Santos).

Ryan Connor, a different former platform user, had already informed Swain about Lauren’s O-Vidz account when Max went to the station to tell her about it.

Max confesses that he has never met Lauren’s mystery man when DS Swain queries him about Lauren’s hidden boyfriend.

He does admit, though, that he thinks it’s Daniel Osbourne.

In subsequent sequences, Daniel is questioned by DS Swain over his relationship with Lauren, and it is implied that she paid for her sex education.

Daniel is appalled and realizes he is under suspicion when DS Swain brings up his past associations with Summer Spellman, who had a strong crush on him, and Nicky Wheatley, the former sex worker. Daniel requests a solicitor.

After thereafter, DS Swain appears to have suggested Lauren’s murder in a radio appearance that Bethany and Daniel listen to in horror.

Subsequently, Daniel tells his father Ken Barlow (William Roache) that he hasn’t slept a wink because of concern that he’ll be held accountable for a murder he didn’t commit.

Although viewers of the Manchester-based show may wish to think Daniel is innocent, his past is not entirely spotless.

Daniel has demonstrated his violent tendencies in the past, most notably when he shoved his own father down the stairs.

When their feud threatened to explode, he repeated the gesture to the once-difficult Max.

Could Daniel have been humiliated when he discovered, in recent scenes of the long-running show, that Lauren had been using him to blackmail Ryan Connor and the Rovers barmaid through his ex-fiance Daisy Midgeley?

Though many other men are thought to be Lauren’s dangerous and persistent ex-boyfriend, one could think that Daniel could be the reason behind the girl’s disappearance, especially since Bobby and Bethany Platt are expected to be involved in a significant storyline teased by Iain MacLeod, the soap opera CEO.

Yet Corrie executives are also renowned for throwing a lot of wrenches into things.

Could Nathan Curtis, Bethany’s tormentor, be making a comeback? Could the teacher be a red herring?

Was Lauren’s murder actually committed?

Tracy tries to make Amy and Tommy bond – but could more love be coming her way?Credit: ITV

2. Big change for Tracy

As previously stated, DS Swain is making every effort to find out why Lauren vanished.

Fans went into a frenzy when the detective sergeant was made a permanent fixture in the cobbles following numerous appearances in the program to combat crime in Weatherfield.

Many people conjectured that DS Swain would be able to find love on the Street, and the speculation mill erupted when actress Vicky Myers revealed that her alter persona was gay.

Supporters have proposed that Dr. Gaddas and Carla Connor, among other women in the cobbles, should get together with DS Swain.

But among them all, Tracy Barlow, played by Kate Ford, stood out.

This week, after her unexpected breakup with Steve McDonald, the proprietor of Preston’s Petals commits a grave error.

Just in time for Christmas, Matt Milburn returned to the position of Tommy Orpington, and since then, he has been causing mayhem at No. 1.

After being recruited as a redecorator, the former football player had an affair with Tracy upon his return to the Street.

After a few blissful weeks of canoodling in secret, Steve (Simon Gregson) was optimistic that he might save his marriage to Tracy.

Clearly, things didn’t go as planned, because Tim Metcalfe and Gav Adetiba caught Tracy and Tommy in the act.

When Steve found out about the affair—his best friend Tim had told him everything he needed to know—Tracy acknowledged she wanted to leave her marriage and that her family had kicked her out of No. 1.

Tracy convinces Amy (Elle Mulvaney), her reticent daughter, to have lunch with her this week.

Despite the intense tension, Amy accepts and meets Tracy for lunch at the Bistro.

She is not impressed, though, to learn that Tommy, Tracy’s lover and the primary reason for the tension between her parents, is also present.

Amy grimace and orders the most expensive Champagne when Tracy says that she felt it would be wonderful for them to get to know each other.

In any event, Steve learns about the dinner shortly afterward via Georgia Taylor’s character Toyah Battersby.

Toyah discloses that Tracy, Amy, and Tommy seemed to get along well, which exacerbates the situation.

When Steve realizes that Tracy might have taken his job, he gets unhappy, and Toyah realizes that she’s stepped in too.

Could the florist be tempted to call it quits on Tracy and move on with someone else, especially since Amy had made it apparent that she didn’t approve of her connection with Tommy?

Both Tracy and DS Swain are moms of teenage children, and as viewers are continually reminded of the former’s one-night affair with Paula Martin, many fans think they may connect over their similar circumstances before falling in love.

“Yeah! Could make for great Corrie stuff! “, a fan wrote on social media.

Another person immediately chimed in, saying, “Tracy’s done it before; this could work.”

Third viewer: “She could get with Tracy!”

Is there going to be more heartache?

Simon faces the consequences of his actions while a new storyline is on the horizon for his mother LeanneCredit: ITV

3. New affair

Since his father Peter abruptly left the cobbles, Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) has suffered.

Unable to handle the sensation of being forsaken by his own father, Simon resorted to drink and became increasingly dependent on it.

When he drove Sam Blakeman to an event while intoxicated using his mother Leanne Battersby’s automobile, things took a turn for the worst for him and he crashed the car.

After the accident, Sam (Jude Riordan) experienced health problems, while Simon must deal with the legal fallout from his deeds.

Approaching, Simon assumes accountability and informs Nick (Ben Price) and Leanne (Jane Danson) that he is ready to accept whatsoever penalty the magistrate decides is appropriate for him.

However, Sam consents to write a character reference for Simon’s court appearance.

Later, Nick pretends he’s far too busy to accompany Leanne and Simon as they prepare to head to court.

Simon is let down, and Leanne gives her fiancé an obscene glance.

Leanne attempted to stand in for Simon, but Nick was not amused by the boy’s actions, which endangered Sam, his own kid.

Regular viewers of the Manchester-based show will recall that Nick sent Simon to sleep on the streets after kicking him out of Victoria Court.

In other sequences, Leanne informs Sue Devaney’s character Debbie Webster that she is bringing Simon to the Chariot Square Hotel for The Institute class.

Debbie proposes that she bring Nick along as well to see the bridal fair in anticipation of their impending weddings.

Nick caves in to pressure and decides to go to Leanne’s bridal fayre, but he has his reservations about their engagement, so how will it go?

While this is still up in the air, similar to Simon’s upcoming chapter when Alex Bain is ready to bid the soap opera crowd farewell, a new, dark plot for Leanne begins to take shape.

The restaurateur is charmed by Rowan from The Institute and benefits from his guidance.

After that, he speaks with Leanne and invites her to express her deepest emotions.

Leanne blushes as he gives her a quick smile before turning to go.

According to actor Ben Price, Leanne will have a horrifying plot in which she gradually becomes a cult member.

In upcoming scenes, Emrhys Cooper will be joining the cast of Corrie to play the brand-new villain Rowan.

It would be reasonable to anticipate that Rowan would entice Leanne, permanently ruining her friendship with Nick in order to isolate her and force her to obey him at all costs before enlisting her in his cult.

Might he be the deciding factor in Nick and Leanne’s romance ending?

ITV broadcasts Coronation Street Monday through Friday at 8 p.m.

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