Corrie’s Stephen Reid star ‘confirms’ next victim as character puts themselves in danger

Todd Boyce has seemingly confirmed who Stephen Reid will kill next on Coronation Street as one character puts themselves in danger

As a character risks their life, Todd Boyce appears to have revealed who Stephen Reid will kill next on Coronation Street.

Todd Boyce, a cast member of Coronation Street, appears to have announced Stephen Reid’s upcoming victim.

Stephen, a serial murderer, has already killed three people, but it appears that a fourth murder may be imminent. Stephen’s actor Todd Boyce has made hints that someone may pass away soon and that they are placing themselves in “danger”.

When Teddy Thompkins found out that Leo was not in Canada as Stephen said, he killed both Leo and Stephen. When their business strategy failed, Stephen also killed Rufus, but it appears that Todd could kill once more.

I appreciate how the tale is progressing and how all these tiny details are beginning to add together, added Todd. He still thinks he can talk his way out of all these difficulties for the time being, but in reality, the walls are starting to close in on him. How will he explain the equity release letter? How is his mental state right now as he deals with the Rufus Donahue murder investigation? Just as he thinks things are coming together behind the scenes, they start to fall apart.

Could Tim die at the hands of Stephen? ( Image: ITV)

Tim’s involvement, he continued, “has given Stephen a little bit of a false feeling of security, but he regards Tim as an irritation. Stephen underestimated Tim because of his conceit. Tim is keeping his adversary near by letting him continue to reside in the apartment. Because there is so much going on between Joe and I in those sequences on so many levels, I adore acting them out. Although he has no intention of hurting Tim, I doubt Stephen would jump to his aid if Tim were to be run over.

However, Tim is putting himself in a risky situation by getting too involved in Stephen’s life because previous people who have been in Tim’s situation are no longer with us. Tim is treading carefully.

Todd believes Stephen will go out in a “blaze of glory” no matter how.

We aren’t that far ahead, so they may pounce on me at any minute. I don’t see anyone else on the horizon who could be killed. I wanted to be the one who got murdered the most, so I was trying to get the grandstands on television,” he claimed.

But in a way, I believe he killed by accident. It was really planned for the first time he murdered Leo to be more of a struggle over the phone before he walked over. But I made the decision to give Stephen a bit more control over that.

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