Danny and Dani Dyer left ‘petrified’ during Italian adventure on new show

Ex-EastEnders star Danny Dyer and his daughter Dani take on a family road trip around Italy in their latest series, sending them far out of their holiday comfort zone

When you think of an Italian cultural trip, images of pizza, spaghetti, opera, and art spring to mind, but for Danny and Dani Dyer, the situation was different.

Cockney geezer Danny, 45, and 2018 Love Island winner Dani, 26, are our favourite father-daughter team, and they headed off to Italy last summer in quest of excitement. A new E4 travel series, fittingly named Absolutely Dyer: Danny And Dani Do Italy, chronicles the pair’s antics.

Starting in Sicily, where Dani’s adorable two-year-old son Santiago joins them, the two sample street food in Palermo before travelling to the mainland to see Mount Vesuvius, ride horses, sample wine in Tuscany, eat with mountaintop monks, travel through the remote Alps and vacation like A-listers at beautiful Lake Como.

But the Dyers soon admit that the vacation was not the peaceful escape from reality they had anticipated.

Italy is explored by Danny and Dani Dyer (Image: Channel 4).

Father-of-three and former EastEnders actor, “I’m not going to choose to climb a fking live volcano” while going on vacation. Danny, 45, says he is. “I wasn’t sure exactly what to take for this vacation. I did have a hat box since they requested us to bring some hats, namely fedoras. Fking hat boxes are something I had no idea existed.

Dani Dyer, Danny Dyer’s daughter, and they are close. (Photo by Danny Dyer via Instagram)

However, Dani, who is expecting twins with Jarrod Bowen, a West Ham football player, has happier recollections.

“Lake Como was beautiful; it was like paradise there. Oh my God, it’s a honeymoon location,” she exclaims.

Dani also claims that the producers couldn’t have chosen a nicer couple to host the vacation show.

Despite the fact that it is effective, it doesn’t seem like work since everyone gets along and laughs. I adore that.

Here, the father and daughter reflect on the highs and lows of the journey and explain why one incident even resembled a stint on I’m A Celebrity!

Together on vacation, Danny Dyer and Dani Dyer (Photo: Instagram/danidyerxx)

Dani: The vacation was very different. Our vacations are often quite laid-back; we lounge by the pool and eat and drink continuously at a villa. However, individuals like packing a bag and travelling on these kind of backpacking vacations. It was the exact reverse of what we do for ourself.

Danny: Dan, that’s not very us, is it? Let’s be quite clear: This is a travel programme, not a vacation. But in the end, I want to spend as much time as I can working with my kid since I love her dearly. This programme focuses more on the bond between a father and daughter. Really, we learned nothing about Italy. All I could hear was, “Look at this gorgeous cathedral… and action!” I believe what distinguishes this show from others is a beautiful sequence in a cathedral in Rome when we’re chatting about such random bs while surrounded by such beauty. Italy is a lovely place, and there are many programmes about it, but this one is more about the two Danny Dyers going on a little adventure.

What was it like to travel between cities by car?

Danny: Actually, it was very bad. At one point, Dani was supposed to drive us both, but she backed out. I can’t say I blame her. Palermo had gone mad. There were no signs or lines to direct you. I was very terrified. Everybody was irate outside; they were all overcome by the hump for some reason. My little automobile was similar to Driving Miss Daisy. I had no idea what the f**k was going on, but we managed to get through it.

Dani’s son Santiago also came to Italy (Image: Dani Dyer Instagram)

Dani: It started to resemble the jungle somewhat. That was not what we agreed upon!

Every episode, they attempt to get us to eat something bizarre, says Danny. In one, we consume an arse roll, which is a little amount of arse. The tuna spunk wasn’t a problem for me, but Dani had trouble with it. Didn’t you, baby?

Dani: I believe it was challenging because I had been informed what it was. I recall that it stayed in your teeth the remainder of the day, Dad!

Danny: I spent the whole night scraping spittle out of my teeth.

The next time, maybe remain a little closer to home!

Danny: After that, we’ll tour Essex, and every evening we may return home. But because there have been so many travel programmes, the question is how much we want to challenge ourselves. Dan and I are fantastic because we can be anywhere and make really entertaining television.

Jarrod Bowen and Dani are expecting twins together (Image: Dani Dyer Instagram)

What do you like most about collaborating?

Simply spending time with each other, says Dani. It seems like I’m with one of my friends even though we haven’t spent a lot of time together. When it comes to all of stuff, our connection is very great. Even after spending the whole day shooting together, we would still want to be close. That sense of cosiness.

Danny: I believe that’s the solution. Spending every day together is quite uncommon. We both have hectic schedules, so that’s why I wanted to do it. We’re in a highly advantageous position in a field where cooperation is possible. We both have our own professional backgrounds, we each work in an environment where many people like seeing us on television, and we each contribute something unique to the table. Being able to work with your family is always wonderful; it is a wonderful thing.

Dani, twins are coming in May. How are you both ready to simultaneously fulfil the roles of parent and grandparent?

Dani: Until September, my dad will be quite busy.

Danny: I’ll do my best to be as much as I can. I’m a devoted family guy who needs the comforts of home and to be near his wife and children. I’m hoping to be around when the kids arrive next month since I’d be devastated to miss out on anything.

Dani: You’ll be there, and I always stop by your house; Mummy will adore it. When you first met Santi and held him, you absolutely melted. I cherished that time. However, I feel that until we see the twins, we won’t believe it. Before they are really in my arms, I imagine I’ll be thinking, “Oh, my God, I’m actually having two babies!” However, it’s amazing, it’s such a gift, and I’m very happy about it.

For over ten years, Danny Dyer portrayed Mick Carter in EastEnders (Photo by Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes).

Danny: It was left unlocked. I’ve said it a lot of times: you never know what the future will bring. My nine years at that employment have been a great blessing to me. My career was impacted by that position, but I definitely want to go on and do other things since I’m still really ambitious and eager. I consider myself very fortunate that I was able to leave the event with such wonderful work. You’ll never really know until you take a chance. I also wish to take the exam. Even though EastEnders was challenging, you are portraying the same role, and I want to do new things. I want to test my ability to perform it.

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