Emmerdale spoilers: Belle’s new romance as villain returns after 10 years

When Belle and Tom get back together, there is definitely a spark (Image: ITV).

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) of Emmerdale is set to embark on a new relationship, but before we can all celebrate that she’s going to get herself a great guy, a blast from the past shows up in town—an ex, no less.

Between the murderer Lachlan and the evil Jamie Tate, Belle has had a succession of questionable partners. Not only is this new guy suspicious like the others, but he is also her ex from ten years ago, who abandoned her without saying goodbye.

When she runs across this enigmatic guy, it is soon apparent that Thomas King, the son of the assassin Carl King, has returned to the community.

When things started to become serious with Belle ten years ago, Thomas said he planned to get vengeance on Chas (Lucy Pargeter) for the murder of his father before fleeing the hamlet in a campervan and heading back to Saudi Arabia.

In fact, things had become so bad that she had temporarily abandoned her devoted parents in favour of the union they didn’t approve of. Before abandoning her without a word, that guy had a grip on her.

The appearance of love, but will there soon be heartache? (Image from ITV)

But now that he’s returned, the flame between them is still burning despite his hurried departure. As they talk about the past, they are able to return to their flirtation. Belle is eager to accept Tom’s request for a drink.

But does he have a secret agenda? What other reason could there be for him to visit the village now?

Producer of a show Jane Hudson shed light on everything.

She told us that he had been living abroad for some time before returning to England.

Since he is a licenced veterinarian, I believe we all know where he will be employed.

We will travel with Tom and Belle for a while while we play out the plot because, of course, they have a past that they reignite when they cross paths.

However, actor James Chase joined the discussion to provide further information, suggesting that he may not be as evil as we would think.

‘Absolutely sincere’ describes Tom’s emotions. (Image from ITV)


Belle is astonished to see Tom (ITV image).

He said, “They were childhood sweethearts and they loved each other.” ‘She was a genuine brilliant light for him despite all the turmoil in his life at the time; she was the one positive memory that gave him hope and love.

‘He’s returned to Leeds to work as a vet there; it just so happened that’s where he was sent, and he decided “I’m much closer to the village, now could be the time to get closure and perhaps to see her again.”

The major reason he returned, according to me, was because he wanted to see her again to make sure she was well and happy.

No nefarious motives then?

James assured Belle that his love for her is “completely genuine.”

He really cared for and loved her. Because it’s difficult to handle emotions when you’re with someone you love, he’s afraid to see her again.

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