EastEnders Christmas victim ‘confirmed’ after cufflinks clue – but fans rumble twist

After dropping a massive cufflinks hint in last night’s show, EastEnders appears to have determined who the Christmas victim is.

EastEnders have seemingly confirmed the identity of the Christmas victim after they dropped a huge cufflinks clue in tonight’s episode (Image: EastEnders/Youtube)

As the cufflinks were exchanged once again last night on EastEnders, a significant hint regarding the Christmas victim was revealed.

We are aware that a man will pass away this Christmas due to shocking events on Sharon’s wedding day. We can see the man wearing a suit and a particular set of cufflinks, but we have no idea who he was, why he died, or who killed him.

Fans noticed a significant hint concerning the cufflinks in tonight’s episode as Phil Mitchell was ready to marry Kat Slater, so it appears that we may be getting closer to the truth.

After Phil cheated on Kat with Emma Harding, there was a chance that the wedding would not go through, but he has managed to maintain his secret for the time being, and everything seemed to be on track for the wedding.

The infamous cufflinks changed hands tonight (Image: BBC)

The cufflinks in question were Nish Panesar’s, but Rocky Cotton won them in a poker game. Rocky gave them to Jack Branning yesterday evening since he didn’t want them and Jack had custody of them up to that point.

Jack gave Phil the cufflinks last night as he got ready for his wedding and warned him, “Take care of these, they’re Nish’s so probably expensive.” Then Phil said, “Cheers! I suppose I lost mine in a commotion. As Sharon entered and commented on how wonderful the cufflinks were, police officer Jack immediately responded: “I don’t need to know about that, do I?”

Phil now has the cufflinks (Image: BBC)

While some fans believe this means Phil Mitchell will pass away around Christmas, others are less certain and believe he will pass away in the days, weeks, or months before the Christmas death is broadcast.

One person commented, “Wondering how many times the cufflinks will change hands before Xmas, although it is fun when they appear #EastEnders,” and another, “The cufflinks are on the move. They cannot possibly stay with Phil till Christmas. #eastenders.” Another wrote: “No! Take off those cufflinks, please! #EastEnders THIS IS NOT HOW IT ENDS.

By December 25, whoever has the cufflinks will pass away, but who might it be?

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