EastEnders fans left ‘frustrated’ after Bobby fails to spot major Cindy Beale clue

Following Tuesday’s episode of the BBC soap opera, viewers were left perplexed by Bobby Beale’s utter disregard for a crucial Cindy Beale indication before to the well-known character’s return to Walford.

EastEnders fans were left both baffled and frustrated on Tuesday’s episode as Bobby Beale failed to spot a major Cindy Beale clue (Image: BBC)

The most recent episode of EastEnders aired on Tuesday night, and viewers were left perplexed and outraged when Bobby missed a crucial Cindy Beale indication before to the character’s eagerly awaited return to Walford in upcoming episodes.

Gina and Anna Knight only know that their mother is Rose Knight and that she wed their father George, but they have no idea who their mother really is. Rose, however, is really Cindy Beale, who obviously has a long relationship with the Square, according to the Mirror.

She was given the name Rose after being put in witness protection as a result of a previous jail incident, and she apparently now want to go back to Walford. In the episode that aired on Tuesday, Anna met a private investigator in secret and gave him a silver locket in exchange for information concerning her mother’s abduction.

Although it appeared harmless, the piece of jewelry included a crucial piece of information since it had the date “9.12.93” etched on the reverse, which is obviously the day Cindy’s twins, Lucy and Peter Beale, were born on December 9, 1993.

Despite the fact that Bobby showed up with the locket and failed to recognize the date and its importance, viewers gritted their teeth as they watched last night’s program. The twins were received by his father, Ian Beale, and Cindy during their marriage.

Cindy Beale is set to make a triumphant return to Walford. (Image: PA)

Following the show, some voiced their annoyances on Twitter. One person wrote: “Bobby didn’t recognize the date on the locket # EastEnders” with an ashamed emoji.

Another version stated: “Bobby has seen the necklace! It’s undeniably a great piece of jewelry. Will he ever examine it more closely and make the connection? #EastEnders.”

Another fan commented, “Oh Bobby take a closer look at that locket #Eastenders!” A separate supporter then said, “How has Bobby not seen the date on the necklace? #EastEnders.”

Later in the episode, a guilty Anna made the decision to stop looking for her mother, but her private investigator later stated he’d got a promising lead in his investigation, indicating Cindy, played by Michelle Collins, would be making a quick comeback.

Anna’s actor, Molly Rainford, recently discussed what motivates Anna to look for her mother after all this time.

“Anna has a lot of conversations with Freddie and Bobby about finding people in their families, and I think their desire to find their loved ones greatly contributes to Anna’s desire to find her mother,” the woman added.

“That notion of having nothing to lose, in that if she doesn’t find her, she won’t be any worse off, but if she does, she’ll learn more about herself and her identity,” the author writes. That, in my opinion, is what overcomes it and convinces her to contact the investigator.

She continued, “She does feel bad. Since Anna has never gone against her family previously, I believe that the entire circumstance of wanting to discover her mother is rather out of character for her. The fact that she feels so bad because she is aware of what has occurred in the past and what the family has gone through simply goes to show how important it is to her, in my opinion.

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