EastEnders’ original Dotty Cotton star Molly Colin unrecognisable years later

Nasty Nick’s daughter (Image courtesy of the BBC)

Molly Colin portrayed Dotty Cotton when she first appeared on EastEnders in 2008.

After ten years, it’s no surprise that the original actress has changed and grown up a lot.

Dotty first appeared on the program as a little girl with plaits in her hair who was extremely excellent at sweet talking her way out of trouble.

Molly had grown out of her plaits but preserved her beautiful black hair. On Instagram, she may be seen partying with her friends, enjoying sunny vacations, and lounging at home snapping selfies, but she always enjoys applying glamorous makeup or putting extensions to her hair.

Molly has now been in CBBC’s Horrible Histories and a comedy series called Blandings, after her debut in EastEnders.

One of her primary objectives now seems to be traveling the globe and creating beautiful experiences, with the majority of her Instagram photos taken in other locations.

The actress often updates her Instagram account. (Images courtesy of Instagram/Molly Colin)

Dotty adored her Grandma Dot (June Brown), but when she was first introduced, she was hauled to Walford by her father, Nasty Nick, who planned to murder his mother in order to acquire all of her money.

Dotty left in 2010 and returned nine years later, with Milly Zero taking over.

Milly assumed the job in 2019 (Photo: BBC).

Milly was later involved in plots that saw Dotty have an affair with Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) and collaborate with her Uncle Tom (Brian Conley), who claimed to be Sonia’s (Natalie Cassidy) long-lost father in order to steal her money.

Dotty left again soon after Dot’s burial. Dotty, who had hoped to inherit Dot’s home, attempted vengeance after learning that it had been handed to Sonia instead.

She then collected her possessions and departed in a cab, yelling, ‘To hell with Walford!’ as she did so.

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