EastEnders spoilers: It’s all about to kick off as Cindy Beale has finally stepped back in Walford

Cindy’s returned! (Image: BBC)

The moment EastEnders fans have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Michelle Collins’ character Cindy Beale is back!

The infamous villain Cindy finally touched down in London in recent scenes, bringing the day she would return to Albert Square closer than we ever could have imagined.

Cindy, who just reunited with Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), has been living in France without being aware that her other family, the Knights, had moved to Walford.

Ian had learned about this, however, and he was determined to prevent Cindy from leaving. He turned to her worries about her witness protection expiring to keep her in France.

Son Peter (Thomas Law), who grew anxious to meet his new sisters, was soon making his way back to Walford in order to do exactly that, and quickly unearthed Cindy’s hidden family.

Shortly afterwards, Ian was compelled to inform Cindy of Peter’s whereabouts on the pretext that he had gone to clean up the mess the fish and chip business was in.

The truth is that Peter’s primary objective was to covertly get to know his sisters, but this plan was foiled when Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) believed he was after her.

After Peter left, Cindy became concerned that he may be in danger and decided to pursue him, despite Ian’s desire to stop her.

Peter was in the middle of making apologies in Albert Square when he got a call from Ian telling him to come back to France.

Cindy, however, was already on a train travelling across the water, so this was too little, too late.

We could almost feel the drama building around her as she climbed onto the platform, waiting to erupt in Albert Square.

We are practically waiting down the minutes till Cindy arrives in Walford because she will bring with her a tonne of must-see moments.

A reunion with the Knights, an unavoidable showdown with Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), and a catastrophe that will completely upend one family are all to be expected upon her return.

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