EastEnders spoilers: Nadine rocked by devastating death news

Nadine is a sex worker (Picture: BBC)

In Monday’s (October 9) episode of EastEnders, Nadine, Jay Brown’s (Jamie Borthwick) new buddy, discovered more about Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold).

As a sex worker, Nadine met Jay not long after Lola passed away. The bereaved husband admitted to Nadine that he wasn’t ready to have sex with her, but he had been paying to share a bed with her.

Ben (Max Bowden) has grown irritated with Jay for being home late since he isn’t there for Lexi (Isabella Brown). In tonight’s episode of the BBC One soap opera, Ben confronted Jay and questioned why he had spent the night somewhere else.

Callum (Tony Clay) had located Nadine and made the decision to talk to her about his friend while Jay clarified that he wasn’t dating another lady.

Over a drink, Callum informed Nadine that Jay is suffering greatly as a result of the passing of his wife.

Jay is struggling (Picture: BBC)

Nadine’s expression said it all. She believed Jay and Lola were just going through a difficult split and were unaware of the reality.

Callum stated that it is wrong for Nadine to let Jay pay her and that the existing arrangement will be extremely destructive to him.

That evening, Jay went back to Nadine’s apartment and said that while he knows he ought to be at home with Lexi, the ongoing reminder of Lola in Walford prevents him from turning off and going to sleep.

Callum tried to tell Jay that he needed to stop seeing Nadine (Picture: BBC)

The focus then shifted to the little narcotic packet Jay had discovered in Nadine’s bedroom that morning. He claimed that using the medicines would help him relax and allow him to remain at home, but Nadine forewarned him that it would also have a bad effect on his health.

Jay said, “Just this once,” as Nadine took the packet out of a drawer.

Will this adored character turn to drugs once more when things become worse?

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