EastEnders spoilers: Rocky’s secret relative’s identity confirmed and it’s quite the outcome

It was unexpected by Kathy (Images: BBC).

In Tuesday’s (June 13) episode of EastEnders, Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) was suspicious after overhearing Rocky (Brian Conley) speak about “his boy.”

He thought of Rocky having a hidden son right away, which is very natural.

Rocky is incredibly skilled at hiding secrets. He neglected to inform Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) that he is still legally married to someone else, thus he can’t truly be married just yet.Rocky was therefore able to have a hidden son, and Kathy was aware of this when the prospect arose.

Jo (Vicki Michelle), Rocky’s current wife, arrived in Walford tonight to handle the divorce paperwork but couldn’t help but stir up some problems and make Jasper seem bad.

Rocky stated during a confrontation that Jasper is actually his pet parrot, whom he loves deeply, proving that he does not have a hidden son.


They came to an agreement as Jo acknowledged how much Kathy loved Rocky, and then Kathy surprised Rocky with Jasper at the Beale home.

Rocky’s day was basically just average (Photo: BBC)

What could possible go wrong when filming with a parrot?

Well, according to a soap insider, quite a bit.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun recently, “The bird has just started filming, but on its first day on set it went off script with some colourful language which definitely could not be aired before the watershed.”

The majority of the take was spent calling Brian a w****r. It quickly returned to work with its beak closed, but everyone was in stitches since these animal performers are obviously consummate experts.

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