EastEnders spoilers: Lexi makes an emotional request but gets a bad reaction from Ben

Ben is unsure about Lexi’s suggestion. (Image from ITV)

In EastEnders, Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) is trying to adjust to life without her mother and needs all of her father Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) love and support.

Sadly, Ben is having a very difficult time controlling his emotions since he is fighting bulimia and grieving over Lola (Danielle Harold).

As a result of a brain tumour, Lola died away towards the end of May. Lexi and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) were by her side when she passed away, and now Jay, Ben, and Callum (Tony Clay) are caring for Lola’s daughter.

As Lola’s funeral draws near, Lexi begs Ben whether she can speak at the memorial.

Ben declines because he thinks it will be too much, which irritates Lexi.

Jay mediates the conflict, and they decide to discuss it more over lunch.

But in Walford East, as Jay leaves to make a call, Ben struggles with his bulimia and leaves the restaurant when he realises the restrooms are locked, leaving Lexi to care for herself.

Billy discovers Lexi (Image: BBC)

Lexi is overcome with emotion and hurries away as the small girl notices a mother and daughter together.

Billy (Perry Fenwick), who is dismayed to discover that Ben abandoned Lexi alone, is relieved to see her.

Ben is told to step up by Billy, but can he do it when life is already so challenging? Can Ben adapt after Billy has laid down the law?

Will he stabilise, or will his behaviour escalate following Lola’s passing?

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