EastEnders spoilers: Tragic death confirmed as victim’s belongings are found?

Ravi is distraught by news – but refuses to accept it (Picture: BBC)

While many members of the community are unaware of Nugget’s fate, EastEnders fans are aware that he is safe and (kind of) well.

The evidence seems to be mounting that the missing adolescent is truly dead, which has Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) in a state of fear.

This will grow worse in later moments as belongings are discovered, but Ravi is not giving up on his kid.

Ravi feels worse than ever when the police tell him they will sift the water for evidence after discovering Nugget’s phone alongside the canal.

Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), who is in contact with the child, surreptitiously calls Nugget and begs him to inform Ravi that he is alive since she feels sorry for her adversary.

Ravi receives the text from Nugget letting him know he is safe after he returns from another night of seeking.

Another setback occurs as Vinny (Shiv Jalota) speculates that the police might be able to locate Nugget.

When the cops say that this may be a fake, Ravi is devastated and thinks he’s back where he started.

Suki is desperate for Nugget to get in touch with his dad (Picture: BBC)
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In the Square Gardens, Denzel organizes a vigil for Nugget with all of his pals present. Ravi believes it is useless, but Suki and Vinny insist it may bring Nugget home.

Viewers are aware that Nugget will ultimately return to the Square and be accompanied by two family members who will drop yet more news on the distraught father as Ravi continues to suffer.

His hidden daughter Avani and his ex-girlfriend Priya show up at his door.

It wasn’t the greatest of times for the former couple to separate, and since then, Ravi has kept kid Nugget away from Priya (Sophie Khan Levy).

However, it turns out that Nugget wasn’t their only kid; in the scenes to come, Ravi learns that he also has a daughter called Avani, whom Priya chose not to tell him about when she became pregnant.

The daddy of all shocks for Ravi (Picture: BBC)

Ravi was therefore denied the chance to see Avani’s development, and the repercussions of this realization sent shockwaves through his whole universe.

EastEnders manager Chris Clenshaw teased the newcomers, saying: “We’re excited to introduce Priya and Avani, two women guaranteed to cause big drama in Albert Square.”

Although not much is known about Ravi and Priya’s failed relationship, she represents a significant gap in his background.

“The news that he has another child will shock Ravi, and he is going to have a difficult time adjusting to it in his life,” the author writes. We’re thrilled to have Sophie and Aaliyah join the EastEnders clan.

Ravi feels as though things are going to get much more challenging.

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