Coronation Street’s Carla Connor’s fate ‘confirmed’ as Stephen goes on final rampage

Fans of the soap opera Coronation Street should brace themselves for serial murderer Stephen Reid’s last rampage as actress Alison King appears to have revealed Carla Connor’s fate.

As the frightening finale of serial murderer Stephen Reid’s reign of terror approaches, Coronation Street viewers have been provided with a significant indication regarding Carla Connor’s destiny.

As she talked about the impending departure of her on-screen husband Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne), actress Alison King, who portrays Underworld CEO Carla, seemed to indicate what will happen to her character.

Chris, who has been a cast member of the ITV soap for 23 years, will take a break from the show, but his exit plot hasn’t been made public yet.

Fans of Carla who were concerned that she could be murdered off by the evil Stephen (Todd Boyce) can now rest easy because it appears that she has verified that she won’t be.

Carla Connor’s fate is ‘confirmed’ (Image: ITV)
Stephen’s reign of terror features in Super Soaps Week (Image: ITV)

According to Metro, when asked if Carla would remain in Weatherfield once Peter left, she responded, “Yes, I think so.”

Carla is about to learn that Stephen has been putting LSD in her beverages to make her think she’s having psychotic episodes, but it doesn’t appear like he’ll be able to kill her off.

Alison acknowledged that Carla’s main concern with Stephen would be the harm he has caused to the workplace and if she can undo it.

Alison is in danger from Stephen (Image: ITV)
Underworld’s finances are in chaos (Image: ITV)

As a result of Stephen’s deception, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) transferred all of Underworld’s funds into a single new account without realizing that it was a false account he had set up and that the factory had been rendered bankrupt.

Fans of Emmerdale are debating the identity of the hostage that Caleb and Cain are holding. Alison said: “With Carla, you always get the street against her. Normally, it’s about money and people’s livelihoods, and I suppose that will be impacted once more by this till she resolves the manufacturing issue once more.

During ITV’s Super Soaps Week, Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), one of Stephen’s victims, will find himself in grave peril after finding Teddy’s body, and fans of Corrie will witness Stephen’s last scenes.

Stephen’s villainous story is reaching its climax (Image: ITV)

Though the effectiveness of his attack on Tim is yet unknown to the audience, he will do so.

However, Carla and Peter are also in for unsettling scenes when Carla rushes over to face Stephen after learning he is suspected of murder and discovers him engaged in a heated argument with Peter.

Alison stated of Chris’ departure: “He’s my spouse! It will be alright. We have become such close friends since moving into each other’s homes and lives. Chris’s wife Caroline will look after him for me. Chris is constantly missed, but everything will be OK.

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