EastEnders spoilers: Vinny takes on Nish as he is convinced he tried to kill Suki

Nish makes an effort to refute Vinny’s thesis (Photo: BBC)

As Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) recovers from her tumble down the stairs, Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) is looking for answers in forthcoming episodes of EastEnders.

Vinny becomes convinced that Suki was pushed since he is curious about how the event happened, and when Nish (Navin Chowdhry) hears about the hypothesis, he tries to disprove it.

When Eve (Heather Peace) hears of Vinny’s sentiments, she becomes more worried about her covert lover.

when hearing Eve express her worries about Suki, Mitch (Roger Griffiths) wonders if Suki is a victim of domestic violence like his daughter Chantelle, who passed away when her husband Grey (Toby-Alexander Smith) threw her into an unlocked dishwasher. Chantelle was a victim of domestic abuse.

Vinny looks to Eve for assistance when Nish ends the conversation as he desperately attempts to get Suki to open up.

Fortunately, Eve can help, and she ultimately advises Suki to call the police and denounce Nish.

Later in the week, DS Miles and Callum (Tony Clay) show up to inquire with Suki about Nish’s history of violence.

Vinny expresses his worries (Image: BBC)

Nish is brought in for interrogation after a difficult conversation, and when some evidence that implies he did shove Suki is given, DS Miles and Callum are able to make an ABH arrest of Nish.

Was it Vinny, with his concern for Suki’s health, who gave the proof?

And if so, what would it do for his friendship with Nish, whom Shiv Jalota claims Vinny admires?

Vinny is always seeking his father’s approval because he truly wants to show himself and win his father’s affection. Kheerat is in jail and Jags is deceased, so he doesn’t really have many male role models in his life.

Vinny may have felt some admiration for Nish because Nish spent a significant amount of time behind bars and wasn’t really present in Vinny’s life.

But as he learns more about Nish, he begins to doubt his father’s authority because he realises that his father may not be as wonderful as he had imagined.

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