Coronation Street spoiler video: Rapist Aaron gaslights distressed Amy into protecting him

In this terrifying scene from Coronation Street, sex offender Aaron (James Craven) displays no remorse and demands that Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) correct the false statement that exonerates him.

Ever since Aaron had sex with her when she was too inebriated to consent, Amy has been fighting for justice.

She took matters into her own hands and released an online description of what Aaron did when the police informed her that they were unable to file charges against him.

Despite knowing that he committed the crime of rape, Aaron continues to pretend that their intercourse was consensual and rejects what he did.

Eric, Aaron’s father, is taking legal action against Amy for allegedly defaming Aaron because he is incensed that his son’s name has been publicly tarnished.

Amy is in the right, but she still worries that being sued would force her friends and her parents to leave their flat.

She grudgingly agreed to prepare a statement denying the accusations she made against Aaron.

Aaron refuses to acknowledge that he did anything wrong. (Image from ITV)
Will Aaron get away with it when Amy says she simply wants this to be over? (Image from ITV)

Aaron meets up with Amy at the cafe in the recently released preview for a future episode, and he has the guts to object about the way it’s written.

He bemoans the fact that it still casts a negative light on him when all he wants is for it to cleanse his reputation.

Amy pushes him about whether he wants everyone to know that he raped her when she strikes back, to which he begs her to keep her voice down.

Amy yells angrily at him to write anything he wants because she just wants this to be finished as he presses the issue.

It remains to be seen if Aaron can get away with it by relying on Amy’s word or if he will eventually realise what he did was abhorrent.

But after a year on the programme, just reported that James has shot his final scenes, signalling the end of his narrative there.

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