EMMER-HELL Charity Dingle flees the village as she struggles to cope with her PTSD in Emmerdale

Mackenzie Boyd is running out of ways to help her.

Despite the assistance provided, the Woolpack landlady is facing an uphill struggle with her PTSD symptoms.

Next week, Charity Dingle’s mental state deteriorates even worse, to the point where she flees Emmerdale in sorrow.

Charity has been struggling with her mental healthCredit: ITV
She recently stabbed her husband MackenzieCredit: ITV
Could their relationship be doomed?Credit: ITV

During his most recent spell in the ITV Dales, Harry, also known as Damon Harris, caused a great deal of damage, but things reached a terrifying point when Charity Dingle shot him during a scuffle.

Since then, panic attacks, night terrors, and other PTSD-related symptoms have made it difficult for Emma Atkins’ character, the Woolpack landlady, to move on with her life.

More recently, in scenes set in Yorkshire, Charity’s husband Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) was stabbed by her during a night terror, a victim of her unstable mental state.

Despite Mack’s survival of the attack, Charity has expressed skepticism about their relationship, given how obviously difficult things are for her.

She’s about to flee the village, so things could be getting worse for the two of them.

Next week, Charity will address her abandonment concerns after opening up in her therapy session.

Later that evening, a tormented Charity leaves the house in a state of misery, ignoring Mack’s rambling.

When Mack downstairs and discovers Charity gone, he’s taken aback and realizes that his refusal to grant his wife the space she requested was a mistake.

Mack searches for a while before discovering Charity’s broken-down automobile at the side of a rural road.

Can they overcome this enormous obstacle?

Is Charity thinking about their connection in different ways?

The enduring show’s audience was excited to see Charity and Vanessa Woodfield get back together after the adored veterinarian visited the show’s named village in recent weeks.

But Vanessa has been attempting to attract Suzy Merton, another ex, to herself.

She has no idea that Mary Goskirk has also been itching to get close to Suzy.

Would Vanessa simply return to Charity’s arms as a result of this?

Regardless of the situation, Mackenzie’s numerous actions have angered a lot of fans.

Bosses have been asked to axe the hunk by soap opera aficionados.

Could a breakup with Charity lead to him being kicked out of the village?

ITV broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

Charity is struggling to cope with the death of Harry aka Damon HarrisCredit: ITV
Could she end her marriage with Mackenzie?

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