Emmerdale fans plead for two ‘vile’ characters to be written out of ITV soap

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale are hoping that two characters will ultimately leave the Yorkshire Dales after certain moments from the midweek episode.

Fans of Emmerdale have begged the show’s executives to remove Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) and Ruby Fox Milligan (played by Beth Cordingly) from the drama series. Currently, the two are a part of two major stories involving their other halves.

Ruby, who has been on the soap opera for a short while, is Will Ash’s wife of Caleb Milligan. Despite his adultery, Ruby feels betrayed and seeks retribution. Additionally, uninformed Caleb is unaware of her strong desire to separate him from the rest of his family.

Mackenzie has been attempting to develop a closer relationship with his partner Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), but she is now having a very difficult time handling everything. Since stabbing the Scotsman, Charity has been excluding him from his life for weeks.

It seems that fans have had enough of the two characters and have taken to X, the former name for Twitter, to vent their frustrations. A viewer commented: “Out of all the characters introduced in all the soaps lately, Ruby is by far the worst, not likeable, isn’t interesting, just vile, no redeeming qualities whatsoever, soaps need to realise some likeable characters are necessary, not everyone being awful #Emmerdale.”

Another wrote: “I can’t even stand to see Mack on my screen anymore. “I want him gone, please!” Shelley continued, saying “#Emmerdale please can you send Ruby back to where she came from?”

Ruby is not loved by Emmerdale fans (Image: ITV)

An additional admirer, who is not a big fan of Mack, posted: “Sod off moron Mack #emmerdale.”

Roberto wrote: “Caleb doesn’t know what Ruby is really up to; he can’t wait for the outcome #Emmerdale.” Nevertheless, other viewers appeared intrigued by Mack and Ruby’s stories.

A receptive Wini, meanwhile, wrote: “I really would like to see Mack & Charity happy #Emmerdale.”

Mack was relieved to hear during tonight’s episode that Charity is not facing any charges after she inadvertently stabbed him.

Emmerdale fans have hit out over two characters (Image: ITV)

Ruby, on the other hand, took great pleasure in Caleb’s anguish as the Dingle family exacted retribution on him for his liaison with Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh).

Being Caleb’s nephew, her husband Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) is determined to hold him accountable for his deeds.

Caleb has no idea that Ruby has linked up with Kim Tate, a businesswoman played by Claire King, to exact revenge on him for all the harm he has brought about.

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), Caleb’s half-brother, is one of the people seeking retribution on him.

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