Emmerdale comeback, EastEnders legend returns and Corrie exit ‘sealed’ – soaps this week

This week, both EastEnders and Emmerdale welcome back familiar characters, while Coronation Street teases a potential exodus.

This week, there are significant scenes on Coronation Street, Emmerdale, and EastEnders. Following speculations that one character may quit Corrie later this year, there are some significant returns in the soap opera world as well as exit clues.

An old character from Emmerdale makes a surprise return, but there’s a catch: the actor is playing a completely new role this time. Peter Barlow’s leaving plan on Corrie could be made public.

Six years after the character’s last appearance on the program, EastEnders will also feature the return of a fan favorite. The biggest scenes in each soap opera this week are listed here.

EastEnders and Emmerdale are both welcoming back familiar faces this week ( Image: ITV)

Emmerdale comeback

This week, a recognizable face will appear on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale. One inhabitant is misled by the new antagonist Harry, but many viewers will recognize him.

The Bay, Casualty, and Hollyoaks are just a few of the numerous series and soaps in which actor Robert Beck has appeared. Since 2005, he has been married to Jane Danson, who portrays Leanne Battersby on Coronation Street.

After leaving the Dales for more than 20 years, he is now returning in a new capacity as Harry. For 78 episodes in 1999, Robert portrayed Gavin Ferris, the love interest of Bernice Blackstock. This week, Harry will make his television debut as a part of a brand-new plot featuring Nate Robinson, Caleb Miligan, and newcomer Corey.

After Nate successfully persuaded his uncle Caleb to hire him, newcomer Corey makes a promise that there are ways to earn additional money on the side. Soon after, a customer called Harry shows in, and he is impressed by Nate. Nate is asked to be Caleb’s eyes and ears in the company since Caleb believes Corey is up to no good.

After some investigation, Nate quickly learns that Corey’s agreement with Harry isn’t entirely real. Nate quickly admits to Corey that Caleb is untrustworthy, and he makes advantage of this worry to attempt to get out of a sketchy work with Harry. However, Corey warns that it would be far worse for them to offend Harry. Will Nate be guided down a dark road or will he be able to back out of the sketchy deals?

EastEnders legend returns

EastEnders airs the return of a fan favourite this week ( Image: BBC)

This week, after spending six years off the screen, a fan favorite returns to EastEnders. This week, popular BBC soap opera actress is resuming her role, according to fresh spoilers.

Patrick Trueman is shocked when Yolande Trueman returns to Albert Square with some news for him. For the first time since she made a surpise reappearance in 2017, actress Angela Wynter is repeating the part.

Yolande had already permanently departed Walford in 2008 and relocated to Birmingham, where she had lived for the previous 15 years. Yolande will now surprise Patrick by coming back.

She explains that she has been kicked out of the house and that things have ended with her partner. Patrick refuses her request to stay with him when she asks.

Kim Fox implores Patrick to defend his ex after he said a few months ago that he wished to get her back. Denise then implores Patrick to use the opportunity to express his love for Yolande before she departs for good.

Corrie exit fears

Coronation Street may be teasing a tragic twist ( Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

In light of rumors that the actor is departing the ITV soap opera, Coronation Street may be foreshadowing a catastrophic turn for Peter Barlow in fresh spoilers. Chris Gascoyne doesn’t appear to have ended his contract with the program, but there is no set return date.

This month, it was rumored that actor Chris was departing his position as Peter on the ITV serial opera and moving on to other projects. Although reports indicated the character would not be returning very soon, the ITV soap did not officially announce his departure. However, he may come back in the future.

New spoilers may now allude to a significant turn for Peter as part of a plot involving the serial murderer Stephen Reid. According to the most recent spoilers, Peter could implicate himself in the death of one of Stephen’s victims in this week’s episodes.

Stephen, who has killed three people, discovers that his secret may be in jeopardy this week on the show. Stephen poisoned Rufus, a customer from his line of work, and then let him drown in his swimming pool.

Lou, Rufus’ wife, is eager to bring up the possibility that he was murdered with the police. She points to a piece of Rufus’s property that has gone missing since his passing; if Peter is charged with murder, the true murderer may use Peter as a framing.

When Lou brings up Rufus’ lost watch, Peter is compelled to admit to Carla, his business partner, that he found the watch in the trunk of his cab and pawned it to pay for her treatment. Will Lou and the police believe Peter was involved in his death if they learn the truth? Peter would be moved out of the way as he will eventually go.

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