Laurel’s terror as she is brutally attacked in new Emmerdale video

A new Emmerdale clip reveals the precise moment when things start to go south for Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy), who is being kept captive by Colin Hamston (Mark Noble). She is about to face serious peril.

Prior to leaving for India to join her husband Jai Sharma (Chriss Bisson), Laurel visits Colin to acquire Marshall’s passport, but when she arrives, the home is empty and the door is unlocked.

She opens the door for herself and calls out to Colin, shocked at the condition of the residence. She soon realizes that she is alone herself and that Colin is nowhere to be found.

She quickly becomes terrified, though, when the front door slams shut and Colin himself stands in front of her.

She is very shocked as he wants to know why she is at his home.

Laurel goes to Colin’s house in search of Marshall’s passport (Picture: ITV)

He snaps and locks her in Marshall’s bedroom, so things are only going to get worse for Laurel.

Laurel is afraid and entirely at Colin’s mercy without a phone.

She slaps him over the head as a last-ditch attempt to get away when his behavior takes a sharp uptick. She is still entrapped, though, for the door is locked.

When Arthur (Alfie Clarke) confesses that she had gone to acquire Marshall’s passport, alarm bells begin to sound since Jai and the family are worried that she has failed to come up.

Jai, however, soon gets a text from Laurel that appears to indicate that she has relapsed.

He is unaware that Colin, whose activities have grown more riskier, sent it.

Her hopes are raised when police officers show up on the scene, but Colin is a smooth talker and keeps making things worse.

Will they succeed in their quest for Laurel as Jai and Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) take matters into their own hands?

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