Emmerdale crash pictures ‘confirm’ which major character dies in spectacular stunt horror

A scary stunt is being filmed for Emmerdale that will result in the demise of one character (Image: Splash News).

Emmerdale’s spectacular stunt, which will appear in October as part of Super Soap Week this year, is now being filmed, and things are not looking good for one specific character.

The actors who portray Charity Dingle, Mackenzie Boyd, and Chloe Harris, respectively, Lawrence Robb, Emma Atkins, and Jessie Elland, were all seen filming the future sequences, in which the lives of the three actors are in jeopardy.

The huge crash stunt involves a vehicle, and Chloe’s life actually hangs in the balance as her car teeters on the brink of a cliff before falling over, much to the dismay of Mackenzie, who stands by in fear.

Mack, who has scratches and bruises, is able to escape the car before it plunges to the depths below, but he is unable to save Chloe despite his best efforts.

Chloe’s doors closed?

It definitely appears that way since it’s difficult to believe someone could have survived such a terrible fall as seen in these photos.

The automobile is perilously close to falling over a precipice. (Image credit: Splash News)
As it ends, Chloe is still stuck within. (Image from ITV)

Charity, who is still completely smitten with Mack, is shown comforting her ex-boyfriend and giving him support in the aftermath of what happened.

Fans will only have to wait and see what else happens, but it is fair to predict that Super Soap Week will alter Emmerdale’s entire landscape in the manner that it usually does.

Mack receives assistance from Charity, who tries to encourage him in the aftermath of what has occurred. (Image credit: Splash News)

As fans are aware, Mackenzie crushed Charity’s heart by confessing that he was Reuben’s father just a few weeks after their wedding.

Despite being deeply in love with Charity, Mack decided to go on. He started dating Chloe, the mother of his kid, but last week, he fell in love with Charity once again.

In a scene that no likely had fans screaming at their TV screens, Mack chose to remain with Chloe, leaving Charity devastated once again, and the Woolpack landlady thinking about getting vengeance.

Despite still being in love with Charity, Mack recently made the decision to remain with Chloe (ITV).
Charity, who wanted to get back together with him, and Mack just had a sexual encounter (ITV image)

It remains to be known, however, whether Charity’s retaliation or something else completely causes the terrible events that will occur.

What will become of Mack and Charity after this? Will they be reuniting? Are they even going to survive this?

Could the famous couple’s relationship come full circle and come to a dramatic end two years after they first revealed their emotions for one another during Super Soap Week in 2021?

Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and ITVX on weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

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