Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby’s return story revealed as she hides destructive secret

She is skilled at what she does. (Image from ITV)

After an unexpected journey to see Diane in Portugal, Gabby (Rosie Bentham) is scheduled to return to Emmerdale. But given that she departed with the secret of her failed kiss with Billy (Jay Kontzle), what would that homecoming look like?

The fact that no one appeared to care that treacherous Nicky had crushed her heart was one of the burdens she carried on each shoulder as she fled. She also tried it on with a married guy, which is the other.

Billy, a married guy who lives beneath her home, is not just any married man. After “Gentleman” Billy attempted to prevent Gabby from humiliating herself while intoxicated, she jumped on him instead of just saying “thank you.”

He made the poor decision to hide this transgression from his wife Dawn (Olivia Bromley), and now Gabby is back with all the cards.

Gabby really misinterpreted the signs. (Image from ITV)

But she decides that keeping things a secret is in both of their best interests, so she and Billy form a deal. Will it, however? Gabby has a history of saying things out loud.

As she deals with other unpleasant truths, she may be able to divert her attention from Billy to other things. Suni is brought in since Victoria is having trouble running the Hide without a head chef.

To Gabby’s dismay, he impresses and gets the job right away. She loses it at Suni’s new job, and her calm resolve breaks down.

What will she do next?

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