Emmerdale fans hope Belle will be saved after Tom’s abuse to be ‘forced into the open’

Belle King has been undergoing major heartache in ITV’s Emmerdale as Tom continues to execute his weird control over life, but who will finally save Belle from her misery?

After fans of Emmerdale questioned who would rescue Belle King from her domineering husband Tom, AI offered its opinion.

Belle and Tom were married in February, but in just a few short weeks, their marriage took a turn for the worst. Belle is kept in the dark while Tom keeps pulling the ropes since she never knows what mood he will be in at any given time.

However, fans are frantic to find out who will save Belle from her awful marriage as the veterinary surgeon continues to ruin her life by following her about and managing her job. Giving further details, AI has revealed what may happen on the ITV soap opera in the future.

“Emmerdale hasn’t disclosed who will save Belle specifically, but the plot revolves around her realising the situation and mustering the courage to flee,” the statement said. Here are a few possible outcomes…

AI has offered its opinion on who in Emmerdale will be able to rescue Belle from Tom.

“Belle herself: Narratives concerning abusive relationships often centre on this subject. Over time, Belle could come to realise the abuse and get the confidence to leave Tom.

“A friend or family member: Individuals who are like Suzy Merton, or maybe her Dingle family members, may see warning indications of abuse and take action. or An outside force—the programme may bring in a new character who lends Belle support or create an incident that makes Tom’s abuse public.

The goal of Emmerdale is to depict an abusive relationship realistically, thus it may not be the best course of action to have one brave saviour. Belle’s own determination and other people’s assistance will probably combine to achieve this.”

Belle’s life has been chaotic because of Tom (Image: ITV)

The couple’s relationship took a further turn for the worst on Wednesday night’s programme when Belle questioned Tom about his absence from dinner. Belle had planned a sit-down family dinner with Jimmy, Tom’s uncle, and his wife, Nicola.

But Belle was worried since just Jimmy appeared. Tom said to Belle that he was out having celebration drinks with his coworkers when he finally arrived.

Belle will soon experience more heartbreak.

Tom eventually became irritated with Belle’s gentle questioning and stormed out. Belle wondered where she went wrong as she watched him go.

More upheaval will befall Belle in later moments. Tom gets furious and destroys their house after realising Belle has been lying to him about her whereabouts.

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