Emmerdale fans ‘solve’ Ella’s true link to killer Meena as her real name revealed

Emmerdale viewers finally learned who Ella Forster really was it seems on Thursday night (Image: ITV)

It appears that Emmerdale viewers finally discovered Ella Forster’s true identity on Thursday night when her secret was revealed on the ITV soap opera. Since then, many believe that Ella’s connection to Meena is evident.

After Ella Forster’s secret was finally disclosed on Thursday, Emmerdale viewers believe that Ella’s true connection to murderer Meena Jutla has been established.

In the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera, Ella’s actual name was revealed, along with what she had been hidden for months. Following the announcement of a terrible death, it seemed that we also learned Ella’s true name.

In the episode, June, the new character Ella was visiting in the assisted living facility, had her burial. Scenes from the service proved Ella was lying when she claimed June was her mother, even though there is still a tonne of information to be discovered.

When her partner Liam Cavanagh visited the burial, he learned that June’s daughter, Joanne, had passed many years prior. After a picture of two small girls was shown, viewers had previously seen this name combined with the name Ruth.

Fans of Emmerdale believe they have discovered Ella Forster’s true connection to murderer Meena Jutla (Image: ITV)

After Ella—who was well-known to the family—was exposed as a “child killer” following Joanne’s death, viewers surmised that Ella was responsible for the little girl’s killing. Amidst several inquiries, some fans deduced that Ella’s true name was most likely Ruth.

One irate family member said throughout the incident, “You belong in that hole, not her! You’re a murderer, a scumbag, and a child killer!” When the camera zoomed over to the cemetery adjacent to June’s, the words “Joanne Phillips, 3rd March 1994 to 22nd August 2005” looked to be those of her late daughter.

Using social media, followers deduced that Ella was most likely Ruth and that, despite the first suspicion that Meena wasn’t in the picture, Ella may still be connected to Meena. Her closest friend’s profession as a nurse, her reaction of terror whenever Meena was brought up, and the newspaper story she read about Meena and her victims had all been clues.

The couple appears to be well-known to viewers (Image: ITV).

Despite the fact that this information is unknown, viewers feel certain that the two are acquainted and that they most likely met in jail. “So Ella/Ruth met Meena in prison, probably,” a fan wrote on social media.

Another person said, “So, if Joanne is dead, she must be Ruth, but how can she kill children when they both appear to be the same age in the photo? She had to have met Meena in jail, then.” Another admirer said, “I think she is still linked to Meena, I bet they were in the same prison.”

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