ITV Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Ruby Milligan frames innocent villager for Ethan’s death

Emmerdale fans were left heartbroken earlier this week after Ethan Anderson died in heartbreaking scenes.

Fans of the renowned ITV soap opera Emmerdale were left in suspense as they conjectured that a well-liked character would be wrongly blamed for Ethan Anderson’s (played by Emile John) horrific death.

Ethan unexpectedly passed away earlier this week, leaving his family devastated. But as the real driver in the planned collision struggles with his guilt, viewers believe another character will be held accountable if it turns out to be the reason for his premature demise.

After Ethan abandoned her son Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) in an accident the week before, Ruby Milligan (Beth Cordingly) admitted to him that she was the driver who tried to kill him.

However, after a few days, Ruby is overcome with sorrow for what she did—especially in light of Ethan’s passing. Some fans think Ruby will fall from grace, while others think a different character will wind up behind bars.

Fans are concerned that Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) may be involved after statements made by Ruby and her husband Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) and a scene involving Ethan’s father Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin).

Fans of Emmerdale believe Ruth will set Aaron Dingle up for murder. (Photo: ITV)

Given that Caleb and Ruby appeared to be tipping off the authorities about Nicky’s cousin, he may find himself the subject of an inquiry for both the hit-and-run incident and the possible death.

Viewers with sharp eyes saw that Charles had earlier accused Aaron of being responsible for Ethan’s hit-and-run, and Ruby had subsequently been heard asking if Aaron would be questioned by the police.

On social media, a fan conjectured: “Charles blamed Aaron for Ethan’s hit-and-run last week on the programme. Will he therefore be Ruby’s fall guy?”

Emmerdale: Ruby Milligan chased Ethan away when he abandoned her son Nicky. (Photo: ITV)

“We had a tiny one scene of Aaron in the pub, just so he can be a suspect for Charles,” remarked another admirer. It’s interesting that when PC Swirling arrived, Caleb and Ruby almost pointed out to the police that they thought they were looking for Aaron.”

“Will Ruby confess or pick up the big bus and throw it on top of Aaron?” wondered a third spectator.

A fourth person commented, “Aaron is great in tonight’s episode, but I’m not looking forward to it if Charles holds Aaron responsible for Ethan’s death.” Seems like that’s how it might happen. Aaron shouldn’t do this; he’s been through enough.”

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