Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ exits of two villagers as killer ‘exposed’ in Cain Dingle twist

Emmerdale fans have been convinced that Ella Forster is connected to Meena Jutla for months and tonight, they finally got the answers they were looking for

Unexpectedly, in Friday night’s episode of Emmerdale, Ella Forster (played by Paula Lane) confided in Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), and the two discussed leaving the community.

Fans have been speculating for a while that Paula Lane’s character Ella and the infamous Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) are related in some way. Before her homicidal reign came to an end, this evil wrecked devastation over Emmerdale.

While some conjectured that their paths met in jail, others surmised a relationship dating back to their early years when a picture was found. But now, the whole story of Ella’s history and her relationship with Meena emerged.

She said, “I did something terrible and I went to prison for a long time,” to Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) as they were talking about her connection to the Phillips family. However, after a number of years, these very intelligent people—psychologists and prison staff—met to discuss my progress and the appropriate time for my release.”

In describing her experience, she said, “I was sent to a women’s jail after being turned down twice for my attitude. Eventually, these specialists determined that neither I nor anybody else posed a danger to the public.

“And I hold on to the knowledge that those individuals trusted in me and placed their trust in me when things turn bad as they are right now, when people find out what I did, and I have to leave again. They were accurate. Pouring a pint over that guy’s head was the most aggressive thing I’ve done since being freed six years ago.”

Fans of Emmerdale believe a double departure is possible (Image: ITV)

Later, the town came upon an article about a Ruth Davies, who was now revealed to be Ella’s true name.

According to the article, 11-year-old Ruth had launched a “jealous frenzied attack” on Joanne, who was also 11 years old.

Cain, who also admitted to have considered leaving, stopped Ella as she was ready to depart the community.

Tell Liam I’m sorry, Ella said, “I’m not laying my seld bare for people in a pub to poke over.”

“Other than June he is the only person who has given me a home and I’ll always love him for that.”

Cain paused before responding: “You know my son, earlier I was half joking with our Charity about us going somewhere else because of all this stuff.”

Ella said, “Can’t say I recommend it,” and Cain said, “Maybe you stop doing it and we won’t start.”

Emmerdale was shown to be a murderer of children (Image: ITV)

Fans shared their opinions and suspicions about Ella and Cain departing on social media after the show. Even Ella, alias Ruth, was thought to be linked to the Dingles.

While one fan begged Cain to stay, another said that Cain wanted to leave the town. “Please don’t go Cain…..you and Billy make it bearable for me,” the fan added.

“It’s obvious Ella is staying in the village,” a third person said. For what reason was a new character introduced? Because of her name, Ruth Emmerdale, she will remain and somehow be linked to a Dingle.”

“Looks like no one wants you around Ella. #Emmerdale,” said another commenter.

“What is Cain doing to persuade Ella to stay? Another said, “I dunno why but that episode made me emotional. #emmerdale poor Liam.” Ella should continue in Emmerdale, I hope.”

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