SOAP SHOCK Emmerdale’s Paula Lane breaks silence on controversial Ella Forster child killer storyline

THE actress plays child killer Ella Forster in the ITV soap

Paula Lane has broken her silence on the controversial child killer storylineCredit: ITV
Ella was exposed this week and Liam dumped her and kicked her outCredit: ITV

The whole horrific reality of Ella’s childhood experiences was exposed to the audience as they watched.

She confided in Cain Dingle, an unusual confidante, about how her drug-dealing father had mistreated and ignored her for years, until she found comfort in her mother Ruth and schoolmate Joanne.

During the summer break, Ruth had provided for her food and safety, but Joanne had abandoned her in an attempt to reunite with her former pals.

Ella, actual name Ruth, screamed and beat her buddy to death with her bare hands out of rage and fear of being returned to her life of neglect.

After disclosing her secret, she was rejected by friend Manpreet Sharma, discarded by lover Liam Cavanagh, and shunned by the community.

Actress Paula Lane revealed Ella’s startling truth now.

“Ella feels so embarrassed about her history, and she knows that if she tells Liam, she could lose everything,” the woman said.

She has had to start again every time the truth has come to light in the past, so it is very hard to disclose and realise that there is no turning back now.

“I suppose she believes he should know the truth, particularly considering all he endured with Leanna.”

“It’s a heaviness she carries all the time in the back of her mind,” the speaker said.

“Pretending everything is normal is a band-aid solution, and the guilt is genuine behind closed doors.

“She will never be able to completely move on from what happened; every birthday serves as a reminder of it.”

But when Mandy Dingle is there for her, she’ll have much more support.

Paula disclosed: “Ella claims in a chat with Mandy that she’s always had to flee when the truth is out.

It is likely that she has encountered this response several times and subsequently found herself living out of her vehicle once again.

“Ella and Manny instantly clicked and discovered something in each other.

“I think there’s a real empathy there and a protective nature for each other because the two have admitted they have dark pasts and haven’t made the best decisions in life.”

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