Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who Ella is visiting in care home after Meena hint

Emmerdale viewers are convinced they’ve worked out who new character Ella Forster is visiting in the care home as they suspect a link to former village serial killer Meena Jutla

Fans of Emmerdale think they know who Ella Forster was seeing at the assisted living facility.

Earlier this year, Ella, a new character, created a splash in the community when she flung a drink over her employer Jules and abruptly resigned to stand up for Mandy Dingle at a veterinary gathering. Since then, Ella has found employment at the surgery as a receptionist and been dating Dr. Liam Cavanagh, a coworker.

But since it’s obvious Ella is concealing something, her actions have alarmed onlookers. Ella raised apprehension in the hamlet during recent episodes when it was discovered that she was sleeping in her vehicle.

When she noticed her close friend Mandy staring at an old picture, she snapped at her after moving into Liam’s home when he found out. Ella’s sudden departure on Wednesday and her refusal to be photographed at the local festival only served to heighten the mystery.

Emmerdale fans are convinced they’ve rumbled who Ella Forster was visiting in the care home (Image: ITV)

More clues about Ella’s secret were revealed in Thursday’s episode when she paid a visit to an enigmatic elderly dementia patient at a care facility. They paused at a photograph of the older lady working with a group of girls in a cigarette factory as they browsed through an old photo book together, according to the Mirror.

Ella revealed that she had been there for a while throughout the moment, and they both said how lucky they were to have one other.

But then, in a devastating moment, the old woman forgot and asked to go through the picture book once again. The reply from Ella was, “Who cares, it’s our thing, we love it!” The elderly lady, who had been visiting a care home patient who may have had shingles, said, “Were we once very sad about something?” as Manpreet Sharma happened to stroll into the corridor.

Emmerdale fans have been trying to figure out who Ella is (Image: ITV)

Later, Ella accused Manpreet of spying on her and called her out in the hallway. Manpreet was surprised, but reassured Ella that she was only doing a routine check-up.

Ella forced her coworker to vow not to reveal their secret after travelling in silence with Manpreet to get her home. Ella threatened to leave the town right away if she persisted in her eavesdropping and talking.

Tearful, Ella said of the enigmatic old lady, “She is the most important thing, the most important thing.” I never imagined that I would have the time I do have left with her. something I am not worthy of. I must treasure every last piece. Between her and myself, that is. It’s intimate and profound. “I’m all she’s got,” Manpreet said, promising to keep everything confidential.

Fans of Emmerdale are certain that Ella has something to do with Meena. (Photo: ITV)

Fans of Emmerdale have been sharing their views on Twitter, with many of them believing that Ella, the newcomer, is somehow related to the infamous Meena Jutla. A fan theorised, saying, “Manpreet catching Ella… is that a clue about who this story will involve?” while another tweeted, “I reckon Meena murdered Ella’s mom/granny’s daughter?” and another added, “It’s still my belief that Ella is related to Leanna or Meena.”

“I’m getting the idea that Ella lost a child, and that maybe this woman was there when it happened?” thought one individual in other tweets. Someone else offered: ‘So Ella’s done something that’s upset elderly woman in the past creating a fall out the lady now has dementia so can’t recall so will speak to Ella again’? “I get the feeling the lady Ella is visiting is someone else’s mum,” said yet another admirer.

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