Emmerdale icon teases huge return from the dead after being killed off

Could Frank be on the verge of making a comeback? (Image from ITV)

Despite the fact that Frank Clayton was killed off in 2019, actor Michael Praed has teased a shocking Emmerdale comeback for him.

The most recent instance of a dead character being brought back to life in a soap opera was Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) in EastEnders. Could Emmerdale be next?

Long-term watchers may recall that Claire King’s character Kim Tate was briefly killed off but then quickly revived, so it’s not completely impossible.

Frank may thus be the following deceased soap opera character to be revived.

After Kerry and Amy Wyatt (Laura Norton and Natalie Ann Jamieson) unintentionally set the factory on fire while trying to remove CCTV recordings, Frank met a terrible death while attempting to rescue Tracy (Amy Walsh) from the flames.

Michael Praed, who plays the actor, has put out the call for a resurrection plot, speculating that Tracy assisted Frank in staging his own death as part of an insurance scheme.

According to him, having cunning Frank stage his own demise wouldn’t be a tremendous jump. He and his daughter Tracy may have concocted a brilliant scheme to get millions of dollars in life insurance. That may occur.

Given that Frank did time in jail for fraud, Michael correctly noted that this would fit in perfectly with his character.

He proceeded to deceive people after he got to the Emmerdale hamlet, joining up with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) to rob Home Farm of diamonds.

Michael continued by acknowledging his sadness at leaving Emmerdale and his admission that he “fell in love with working on [it]”.

Could Frank rise from the grave now that Tracy is back in the Village and that other daughter Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) is getting ready to come home?

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