Emmerdale legend may have quit as his new role away from soap is revealed

Dan’s future is unknown. (Image from ITV)

Many Emmerdale fans are unsure if they will soon say goodbye to Dan Spencer due to Liam Fox’s casting in a new role.

Liam, 53, will play Abanazar in a pantomime production of Aladdin at the St Helens Theatre Royal in Merseyside.

The pantomime will run through December and into January of the next year, according to an Instagram announcement.

After portraying Dan for 12 years, it is thrilling to see Liam in a new position, but there are whispers that he will leave the show completely. It would be incredible for Liam to be working in both Leeds and Merseyside at the same time, though!

Chris Gascyone recently experienced this. Just days before his departure from the ITV serial opera as Peter Barlow was officially announced, it was revealed that the Coronation Street actor will also be appearing in a pantomine play at the end of the year.

Dan’s life right now is tough. He punched a man named Lloyd a few weeks earlier, which resulted to Lloyd being sent to the hospital.

In order to spend more time with Amelia (Daisy Campbell), who he was stalking, Lloyd travelled to the Dales. Dan tried to caution him, but the obnoxious pervert enraged him so badly that he ended up punching him.

After then, Lloyd stumbled and hit his head on a rock. Dan is playing a very lengthy waiting game to find out how much time he would spend in jail if Lloyd dies. He was taken to the hospital and is presently in a coma.

Dan may spend years in prison. (Image from ITV)

If Dan is given a jail term, Liam could be able to take a sabbatical from Emmerdale rather than depart the show entirely.

‘This plot is the finest I’ve been a part of in all my time in Emmerdale,’ actor Liam Fox said, praising the writers and producers of the drama. I just had a feeling it was going to be something extraordinary when it was initially brought up to me.

Amelia’s social media presence was discovered by Lloyd (ITV image).

“The producers have outdone themselves with a story that actually means something,” said one viewer.

“So many of us have been in predicaments where we may have been placed in Dan’s shoes. Anyone would want to shield their daughter from unwelcome attention, right?

Every day of the week, someone may decide to punch someone without thinking about the potential consequences.

I simply hope that the narrative has been presented in a way that accurately captures the suffering experienced by all parties.

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