Emmerdale revisits Laurel and Bob’s affair and we’d rather they didn’t

To be honest, we had forgotten about it (Image: ITV).

Wendy (Susan Cookson) had the choice of staying in a nice hotel in Newcastle for a night of passion with Liam (Jonny McPherson) or staying at home with Bob (Tony Audenshaw) and watching Hound of the Baskervilles on TV on Monday (July 24).

She selected the former, but she didn’t even get to the hotel to take her jacket off before realizing she’d made a terrible mistake. She informed Liam that their relationship was finished. Liam, distraught, said that he desired a genuine connection with her. ‘I can see myself falling in love with you,’ he said.

Wendy said that she had real love with Bob and that she loved him. She booked another hotel room for the night, intending to return to Bob the following morning.

Unfortunately for her, this realization of Bob’s worth may come too late, for Bernice (Samantha Giles) had already informed Bob that Wendy and Liam were having an affair.

Bernice and Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) had seen the doctor and nurse kissing in the allotment shed, so Bernice felt confident in her information. Bob, who refused to believe her, termed her charges ‘codswallop with additional tripe’ and a ‘pathetic crow’ who was just attempting to get her hands on him and his body.

He was upset when some investigative work revealed that Bernice was speaking the truth.

Meanwhile, Bernice and Nicola were discussing Wendy’s crazy love life, and when Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) walked in to the café, Nicola quickly filled her in on what had been going on.

‘Bernie wants to have it off with Bob, so she tells him about Wendy and Liam having it off behind his back,’ she summarized. Laurel was less interested in this news than expected, what with her heartbroken son (Alfie Clarke) to worry about, not to mention the fact that her father had broken his hip and wouldn’t be coming to the wedding, and Jai (Chris Bisson) had barred his own father from coming because he wasn’t his father and lied about it. She had a lot going on.

Nicola tried to include Laurel in the discourse.

‘You did have that affair with Bob behind Brenda’s back,’ she pointed out. To be honest, we’ve tried to put that Emmerdale love affair behind us.

The issue of affairs was discussed in the community (Image: ITV).

Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) stated mere hours after Bob and Laurel’s wedding that she was well aware of their affair. After that, Laurel and Bob attempted to make things work, but it was never an easy relationship and one that Laurel would rather forget.

To shift the topic, Laurel inquired of Nicola, ‘How many affairs have you had?’

In soap world, that’s never an easy equation. ‘Does it matter if your spouse was in a coma?’ she inquired. Bernice and Laurel both verified it. While her husband Donald De Souza (Michael Jayston) was in a coma due to a brain haemorrhage, Nicola had sex with David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden).

Bernice, of course, has a colorful dating history, and towards the conclusion of the episode, it seemed like she was going to add a new name to her list.

Bob returned to her door at the B&B with a glass of wine, feeling bad for being so cruel to her earlier and saddened by Wendy’s treachery. Bernice went back inside the room after the two swore to always be there for each other, but she left the door slightly ajar – and we watched Bob hesitating outside, unsure whether to step in.

Is Wendy going to come home to discover Bob has already moved on to Bernice?

Will he ever be able to forgive Wendy, even if he manages to resist his business partner?

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