Emmerdale spoilers: New obsession triggered as Gabby kisses Billy

Gabby takes a step! (Image courtesy of ITV)

Gabby (Rosie Bentham) has been spiraling into a heated mess for quite some time now, even going so far as to threaten Caleb (Will Ash).

She’s made futile efforts to move on, including joining a dating app, but when that failed, she returned her focus to wrecking ex Nicky’s (Lewis Cope) life in vengeance.

To be fair to the girl, lying Nicky torn her whole world apart, and unfortunately for her, the rest of the world simply continued spinning. Worse, the guy who deceived her now has his foot under the table in the village AND a new squeeze to boot.

Anyone who has it rubbed in their face is going to crack, and with one more straw placed to the camel’s back, she does exactly that.

When she walks in on Nicky and Suni kissing, it’s the frosting on the cake. It’s only been a few weeks since her ideal wedding was canceled, and Nicky doesn’t have the heart to disguise the fact that he’s moved on.

Gabby does what she does best and goes to the bottle, which brings out an even feistier and less reasonable Gabby, who attempts to hit Nicky. As if she hadn’t already been humiliated, she misses and strikes Billy (Jay Kontzle) instead.

Billy walks her away in an attempt to spare her from more humiliation, and Nicky is left feeling as bad as he should.

This isn’t good. (Image courtesy of ITV)

Excellent egg Billy offers Gabby a shoulder to weep on, but Gabby, who is gassed and anxious for attention, interprets it as a come-on and kisses Billy. Billy hurriedly exits, leaving Gabby red-faced not just then, but also later when she sees him.

But Billy, ever the gentleman, assures her that he will keep her gaffe between them to save her additional embarrassment. Is that correct? Gabby’s lingering gaze says she isn’t finished yet.

Billy clearly loves Dawn and would do anything to harm her, particularly now that she is pregnant his first biological child.

But Kim recently said that Gabby always gets what she wants; are her remarks a dreadful premonition that Gabby is about to wreck the happiest partnership in the village?

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