Emmerdale spoiler videos confirm devastating news as major return sends shockwaves through the village

Next week, Emmerdale will include some really dramatic and tragic scenes, and a sneak peek at what’s to come can be found in Metro’s brand-new video snippets.

On the ITV soap opera, emotions are running high as Kim Tate’s talons come out again and she begins the next phase of her nefarious scheme, while Chas Dingle gets some exciting news after being diagnosed with cancer.

I don’t know about you, but if she manages to get her hands on Caleb Milligan, I would definitely not want to be him!

While Amy Wyatt is astonished to see a face from her past, Mary Goskirk is left completely distraught when Vanessa Woodfield tells her the specifics of her love life with a certain someone.

There’s nothing quite like a homecoming to Emmerdale, is there?

Let’s see what’s in store with my newest video clips as we look ahead to what promises to be a typically tumultuous week for one of the country’s most beloved fictitious villages.

To be honest, you don’t need to thank me.

Tuesday March 5

The following week is Chas’s double mastectomy date that she receives. When she tells Mary and Gail the news, they are both taken aback by how soon it is. Chas asks Gail to stand in for her while she spends time with her loved ones, making it obvious that she doesn’t want any drama.

Gail is eager to help and has a plan to help increase revenue. Will her efforts, though, be fruitful?

Wednesday March 6

Kim seizes a moment of silence with Ruby when Caleb is taking a call, and she reveals that she wants them to intensify their scheme to harm her husband. She even insists on leaving Caleb “on his knees.”

Kim Tate is the fury of hell!

Vanessa admits she’s falling back in love with Suzy and asks Mary for guidance.

When Mary finds out that Suzy spent the night with Vanessa, she becomes devastated since she has grown fond of Suzy. Suzy then uses Vanessa as an excuse to depart, saying she is required at the bar. Vanessa doesn’t know yet.

Thursday March 7

After deciding on a wedding date and promising to let nothing get in the way of their happiness, Matty and Amy are ecstatic.

But they have no idea that a well-known face is waiting for them around the bend.

Kerry gets out of the police car driven by PC Swirling, who is wearing a Cher suit. Could you really believe that? I’m sorry, but I had to.

Amy must be wishing she could go back in time, am I correct? I’ll see this through.

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