Emmerdale spoilers: Ruby and Caleb Milligan hatch evil plot to destroy Tracy Robinson

Ruby has the perfect idea (Pictures: ITV)

When Ruby Fox-Milligan (Beth Cordingly) moved to Emmerdale, everything in the village was altered.

As soon as Ruby moved into Mill Cottage, it was evident that Caleb (William Ash) and his wife were not as “separated” as everyone had been made to believe. Ruby and Caleb appeared to be inseparable.

For Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh), who had been attempting—but failing—to keep her hands off Caleb, this was bad news. Tracy told Caleb that she had actually started to fall in love with him.

Upon realizing that Caleb was the reason for Nate (Jurell Carter) and Tracy’s breakup, Ruby decided to break the news to the virtually all-Dingles wedding guests at Belle Dingle’s (Eden Taylor-Draper) and Tom King’s (James Chase) lavish celebration.

Will Caleb follow the plan? (Picture: ITV)

She shattered Cain’s (Jeff Hordley) and Caleb’s friendship in the process since Cain found it hard to believe his brother would have an affair with his own nephew’s wife, and Nate felt betrayed.

Regarding Tracy, she suffered after Nate threatened to take their daughter Frankie away from her and was embarrassed by how the affair was revealed.

Ruby shouldn’t have been pleased with that amount of retribution, but in later episodes, she won’t be. She brings up Caleb’s involvement with Tracy to him.

She knows that Tracy was the only person Caleb had genuine affections for and, as a result, the only one who posed a danger to Ruby’s status. It’s the emotional part that she finds difficult to overcome.

She insists that Caleb turn Tracy against him in order to live up to his words.

Tracy is dedicating all of her focus to the preparations for her nursery business now that her marriage has ended. Ruby gets a wicked idea just before she gives a business presentation.

She advises Caleb to sabotage Tracy’s presentation in order to establish beyond doubt that his true feelings are for her and not Tracy.

Will they be able to ruin Tracy?

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