Emmerdale spoilers: Betrayal as Bernice is secretly photographed while naked

Who is accountable? (Image from ITV)

When Bernice (Samantha Giles) is secretly shot nude in Emmerdale, she could become famous with OnlyFans.

Perhaps that account will be more well-liked than her menopausal support group, which its members have described as being as boring as dishwater. Bernice is not a fan of criticism and finds it absurd when people say that she is not the most entertaining hostess to have graced the village, but she is nothing if not spunky.

Bernice is motivated by the comments to change things up and prove everyone wrong—even when they are completely correct. She just is unaware of how hot they’ll become.

The next menopausal meeting is where she offers an art class, but it’s not just any art class; Bernice enjoys shocking people, so the group gasps at the sight of the nude model. As if this gaggle of menopausal women needed any more heat. Heath, who is loitering outside, overhears a conversation about the life drawing class and is excited to discover that a nude lady would soon be on show.

Bernice decides to fill in for the model when she calls in sick, however.

After hearing what Heath has to say, Elliot decides he has to see this nude model for himself and also wants a keepsake to keep. He stealthily opens the café door just enough for his phone to fit through and he begins to take pictures, hoping to get a good photo of the model for his Thank Bank. But when he discovers the model’s true identity, he is in for a surprise.

And if he chooses to do so, might he face jail for disclosing private information without permission?

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