Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Amelia makes hasty decision amidst cancer scare

According to tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers, Amelia Spencer and Noah Dingle will reignite their relationship after being apart for a while. This occurs as she battles health concerns after the discovery of a lump last week. Will their joy last for a while?

Samson confides in his father about his affections for Esther and Amelia in the meanwhile. Paddy then delivers some devastating news to Chas. Bernice discovers another concept for her group of women going through the menopause. Phew!

See a complete list of our Emmerdale tonight spoilers below.

When Amelia agrees that they should get back together, Noah is ecstatic (Credit: ITV).

As Amelia worries about her health, she reunites with Noah.
Noah attempts to convince Amelia that the tumour she discovered is probably not malignant as she concerns about her health. However, Amelia is concerned that if anything were to happen to her, Esther would be left with Samson.

He says he still wants to be with her, but Amelia is too overwhelmed to respond because of the circumstances. Later, when Lydia presses him, Noah discloses the existence of Amelia’s lump.

Amelia eventually acknowledges that she has missed him and wants to reunite. As they kiss, feeling all rekindled love, Noah is over the moon.

When Esther discovers how Samson handled Amelia, she becomes enraged. (Source: ITV)

Samson opens out to his father.
Lydia erupts as she learns Samson’s response. Samson, on guard, refuses to accept responsibility and rushes upstairs. Sam, though, is empathetic when his kid is followed upstairs. He understands that Samson’s thoughts regarding the passing of his own mother were provoked by Amelia’s health crisis.

Samson is frustrated and recognises that he cares for Esther, but he also admits that he will never be the father that Sam was to him. Sam is keen to help his kid because he recognises how hard it must have been for Samson to grow up without a mother.

When Paddy informs Chas that he is starting the divorce, she is surprised. (Source: ITV)

It signals the beginning of Paddy and Chas’ demise.
Paddy informs Chas, who is astonished, that he has contacted a lawyer to begin divorce procedures. Chas informs her that he doesn’t see the point in delaying things as he reels.

He inquires as to her desire to file for divorce jointly. What will Chas do, though?

What will Chas do in response to Paddy’s demand? (Source: ITV)

Bernice is horrified by Nicola’s candour.
When Nicola confronts Bernice with some hard realities, Bernice is stunned. She complains to Bernice about how dull the menopause group is.

The next meeting, Bernice responds with a suggestion for an art class. Can Bernice boost the group’s dwindling membership?

On Thursdays, an hour-long episode of Emmerdale airs at 7:30 p.m. on weekdays.

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