Emmerdale spoilers: Apoplectic Liam launches attack on Cain after his controversial move with child killer Ella

Cain speaks to Liam as they drink beer on a bridge in Emmerdale
Cain clashed with Liam (Picture: ITV)

In Monday’s Emmerdale episode (June 3), the fallout from the shocking disclosures of Ella Forster’s (Paula Lane) hidden background was shown, almost resulting in the confrontation of two closest friends.

Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) was in shock at learning that Ella had slain her childhood best buddy. Ella kept her history extremely hidden, so there has been mystery about her ever since she moved to Emmerdale.

There were indications that it had something to do with Leanna Slinger, Liam’s daughter, who was killed by Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu). There were even hypotheses that suggested Ella and Meena were related.

Another layer of intrigue was added when we showed Ella visiting June Phillips in a care facility. It was obvious that Ella had a great deal of love for June, and Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) believed that June was Ella’s mother.

Liam went along with Manpreet’s request that Ella not attend June’s funeral alone after she passed away. To the indignation of other mourners, he identified himself as “June’s daughter’s partner” despite not seeing Ella.

Then Ella revealed the truth, first to Liam and then going into more detail while speaking with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) thereafter. Ella was raised in a home where drugs were used, thus she had a disadvantaged upbringing. She was forced to attend school dirty and neglected, and June quickly developed an interest in her when she made friends with June’s kid.

For a while, June was like a mother to Ella, who thrived under her love and attention. When June’s daughter informed her that the other girls were nasty to Ella and she no longer wanted to be her friend, she realized it meant spending less time with June. She murdered the daughter after attacking her in a fit of wrath.

Liam suffered in the wake. (Image: ITV)

Ella saw that Cain and Charity (Emma Atkins) were the only people in the Woolpack who could relate to her as it was obvious that they had also come from impoverished homes, despite the fact that everyone in the hamlet was against her after the discovery that she was a murderer.

After accompanying her to the pub’s back room and lending a sympathetic ear, Cain convinced Jimmy (Nick Miles) to let her stay the night at the B&B.

Liam was furious to learn that Ella was still living in the town and that Cain was the reason for her continued presence. Since Cain is his closest friend and the one he confided in after Leanna’s death, he felt betrayed that Cain would ostensibly support a child murderer.

Ella concealed this information for months (Image: ITV).

He went to see Cain in the garage and insisted on knowing why his buddy had chosen to get involved. “I demand her removal,” he said.

“Who appointed you sheriff?” Cain was curious because he believed Ella should have another shot since what she had done was when she was a youngster. Liam accused him of centering everything on Kyle (Huey Quinn), the son of Cain who is being tormented at the moment for killing Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

“Everything revolves around Kyle,” Liam said. Cain countered that, in Liam’s mind, everything revolves around Leanna. Liam then violently slammed Cain back into the wall, grabbing him by the collar. Liam was ordered to stop by Leyla (Roxy Shahidi), who hurried over to Cain, who simply stood there and did nothing. Liam released Cain and walked away.

Ella attempted to talk to him later and provide an explanation, but he wouldn’t listen. He claimed that while she killed June’s daughter, he didn’t resent her for lying to June and concealing the truth. When June was suffering from dementia, Ella had reestablished contact with her and had partially given in to her belief that she was her daughter.

Declaring that he would never want to see Ella again, he marched her to her vehicle.

Is Ella’s time on Emmerdale coming to an end? Or in a hamlet where almost everyone is hiding at least one shameful secret, is there a route back for her?

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