Emmerdale confirms romance for two very unlikely residents – and there’s sparks

Gabby and Vinny share a kiss at the scrapyard in Emmerdale
Yay! (Picture: ITV)

We just let out a small squeal because Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) and Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), an unlikely pair, are having a great time together! We have been cheering for these two, and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) is much to blame for it finally taking off when she whispered to Gabby that she shouldn’t date the kind of guy she usually hangs out with in Emmerdale.

It seemed to have worked, as Gabby now appears to have a whole different perspective on Vinny.

Gabby is beginning to realize that she could have found her true love in Vinny. He is a genuine decent person, not one of the self-proclaimed good people who is really a horrible guy in sheep’s clothing.

Even though he made a mistake early on, things are still going well. However, Vinny is afraid to bring up the big issue of his virginity.

This brings us joy in our hearts! (Image: ITV)

Enjoying some beers and a good laugh, the pair is enjoying getting to know one other better.

They soon find themselves practicing their kissing skills.

However, Vinny loses his composure when Gail, in her usual careless manner, confesses that she knows he’s a virgin and wants to support him. Vinny is taken aback by her nonchalant disclosure, since he had assumed it was a secret.

After getting into a fury with Gail, Vinny calls off their planned meeting with Gabby.

Feeling ashamed and unsure of her actions, Gabby leaves with humiliation, leaving Vinny feeling devastated and unsure of how to make things right. Now that Gabby has left, the evening is over.

Has he lost his shot with Gabby, or is he going to be clean about what’s stopping him now?

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