Emmerdale spoilers: Belle delivers devastating news leaving a loved one reeling

Belle is bringing Tom some awful news (Image: ITV)

Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) from Emmerdale, who has been seeing Tom (James Chase) for a while, has some unfavourable news for her partner.

With these two, things are not going well. Tom has a peculiar quality that nobody can exactly place, but it has caused him to get angry with her on many occasions. His most recent outburst was caused by his vehicle being hijacked and his new automobile taken from him.

He was infuriated that she had told his Uncle Jimmy (Nick Miles) about his incident, even though she was terrified for his safety and had a peculiar “I’m fine” reaction after being forcibly removed of his brand-new automobile.

But then, as if a light switch had suddenly gone on, he started gushing to Jimmy about how he and Belle had moved in together before he had ever asked Belle to.

When he finally did ask Belle, she was taken aback to the point that she had to tell him she needed more time to ponder.

However, he refused to wait any longer and insisted on receiving a judgement right now.

Tom is in for a shock when a frightened Belle breaks the awful news that she can’t move in with him just yet.

He seems to have trouble controlling his emotions, so will he take his disappointment on Belle? He is devastated by disappointment.

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