Emmerdale spoilers: Belle excited by plans to start a new life

Her gaze is fixed on the future (Image: ITV).

Following his return to Emmerdale, James Chase’s character Tom King has taken up a new work at the veterinary clinic and become used to village life. He has even reconciled with his Uncle Jimmy, with whom he had a tense relationship in the beginning.

Above all, Tom feels that his relationship with Belle Dingle is going well. There have been some bumps along the road, however.

Tom looked to be giving Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) a lot of attention, which recently made Belle envious. He drove Dawn about in his new fancy automobile, which was soon stolen. Viewers are now wondering whether Tom is really as kind as he seems after seeing his violent response to Belle’s offers of assistance after his assault.

Other strange occurrences in the relationship include Tom’s jealousy of Belle’s intimacy with Vinny and his dissatisfaction that Vinny withheld information regarding Belle’s mental health problems and her past with Lachlan.

Naturally, Tom had a challenging history. Following the death of his father Carl King (Tom Lister) in 2012, Tom thought Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) was the one who killed him. He stalked and intimidated Chas until he finally fled the town with his mother Colleen (Melanie Ash) for Saudi Arabia.

Will Tom and Belle’s situation continue to improve? (Image: ITV)

Tom King has largely changed since his return, but we’re still not sure how much we can trust him, and Belle just informed him she wasn’t ready to move in with him, so it seems like she had some doubts as well.

However, it seems that she has moved over those reservations in the next episodes, as her and Tom’s friendship is blossoming and they begin discussing their future life together.

Belle is upbeat and eager for what lies ahead. Will it fulfil all of her dreams, or is this the moment when Tom really starts to reveal his true colours?

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