Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter says ‘lonely’ Chas ‘expects everything’ from Paddy as she can’t move on

It seems like Chas is on her own. (Picture: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) is experiencing extreme loneliness as she approaches the anniversary of her daughter Grace’s passing.

He’s moved on and is happy with Mandy (Lisa Riley) after her romance with Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) damaged her marriage to Paddy (Dominic Brunt). In the meanwhile, Chas was left to mourn the loss of her beloved as well as the dissolution of her marriage, and she thought that she was the only one responsible for the whole situation.

According to Lucy Pargeter, Chas experiences extreme loneliness on Grace’s anniversary.

She said, “She’s finding it particularly tough this year because she and Paddy aren’t together.”

‘They’ve had previous experiences grieving and going through the process together, and Aaron (Danny Miller) has been there. However, she is now living alone and has to accept that she is single and that it will happen again. She is happy that Paddy and Mandy are back together, but she is struggling with being alone.

On this depressing day, Chas can’t help but turn to Paddy for assistance despite their recent circumstances.

She told us, “I think she expects to have everything and wants everything, but she thought they were bonding at the grave.” “She thinks, “I’m not moving on,” even if Paddy is talking about moving on.

“She sees the chance to continue the day with Paddy, but she’s back where she belongs, which is really lonely,” she says as he heads out to lunch with Mandy to discuss about Grace.

Chas’s top concern, according to Lucy, is that she “misses companionship,” even if she isn’t actively seeking Paddy’s replacement in her life.

Chas finds it difficult to accept that she and Mandy now “share” Eve (Picture: ITV)

She’s willing to go on. Although she doesn’t seem to be in need of moving on or filling a void in her life, she is amenable to the idea of going out and enjoying herself with someone.

At the HOP, she runs into Simon, who offers her a drink. When they return to the Woolpack, Chas senses that she isn’t ready to go any farther and requests to sleep on the couch, which he complies with.

Next day, as Paddy sees Simon walking away, he becomes enraged.

“I believe he is coming from a place where he feels like you could have done anything with him and I’m bringing Eve (Bella James) back,” Lucy clarified.

Chas is experiencing loneliness (Image: ITV)

She responds, “But this is my home!” You cannot enter by yourself. She then takes the keys from him and offers to arrange for him to be admitted inside if he so desires. Saying, “Nothing happened and it’s none of your business anyway,” she exudes a fierce defiance.

Lucy still maintains optimism that Paddy and Chas may restore their relationship, even if this has caused another rift between them. She said, “They were friends before anything else.”

And when Chas finds out who Simon really is, she may need all the allies she can get. At first glance, viewers will instantly recognised him as Harry (Robert Beck), the dreadful criminal who abandoned Chas’s brother Caleb (William Ash) for dead when Chas interfered with Harry’s unlawful activities.

To what extent is Chas in danger?

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