Emmerdale spoilers: Cain offers to kill rapist Craig for Sam

Will Sam agree? (Picture: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) has informed Sam (James Hooton) that there is something he can do to permanently remove rapist Craig (Ben Addis).

When Lydia (Karen Blick) at last sat down to tell Sam, Mandy (Lisa Riley), and Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) that she had been raped by Craig, it was during Super Soap Week last week. Craig was then taken into custody when she went to the police station to provide a statement.

Though police officials have removed Craig from his place of employment, Lydia has known that there’s a possibility he won’t even be held accountable for the crime.

The family is aware of Craig’s talent at seducing and controlling others, which has led Lydia to believe he will always take advantage of this aspect of his nature.

Tonight’s episode focused on Sam as Lydia kept trying to establish some normalcy in her life.

The adored character hasn’t really had time to deal with his own feelings because he has been so preoccupied with making sure Lydia is alright.

Overwhelmed by everything, Sam collapsed in front of Will (Dean Andrews) at Home Farm.

Then Will called Cain, who took a seat and paid attention to Sam.

Sam felt that he ought to be doing more than just “sitting here,” and he was furious and disappointed. He felt that Craig had become “less of a man” as a result of his reaction to Lydia’s rape and the fact that he failed to recognize his evil behavior.

Lydia has also been supported by Rhona (Picture: ITV)

Cain emphasized to Sam the value of letting go of the past and concentrating on the here and now, but Sam said he was unable to do so because of the effects it was having on his marriage and himself.

After then, Cain mentioned that there was still more that could be done and made a reference to the Dingle Law.

Sam realized right away it meant forcing Craig to pay in one way or another, and Cain assured him he could take care of that if Sam just needed to give him the go-ahead.

Will he, though?

Sam is aware of Lydia’s previous remarks, but would he disregard them, use violence, and perhaps even have Craig killed?

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