Emmerdale spoilers: Caleb’s fate confirmed after attack – is he alive or dead?

Will Caleb live or die? (Image from ITV)

Many individuals in Emmerdale would be happy to see Caleb (Will Ash) killed. The community anxiously awaits news of his recovery from his horrific fall or whether a local resident has been found guilty of murder.

After hacking off the heads of most of the villagers, the unidentified attacker shoved Caleb down a ridge into the woods, where he may have died, and then abandoned him to die from his wounds.

Many could believe that he deserves it given his recent behaviour. But he’s not all wicked; according to actor Will Ash, Caleb intended to make amends with Cain and Moira.

Additionally, he told that he’massively regrets’ the way he has been treating Nicky.

‘I believe he greatly regrets how he’s handled Nicky,’ Will added. He kind of lost sight of everything else since he got so preoccupied with Home Farm, retrieving what he believed to be his legacy, and taking revenge for his father’s passing.

I believe he feels awful about using Cain and Moira’s land as collateral, the man said.

Although I believe he had the greatest of intentions in paying them back and taking care of them, I believe he really regrets breaking up with them.

He is, therefore, really a wonderful guy at heart. Has the potential killer committed a grave error and murdered a man who didn’t deserve to die?

The Dingles are left caring for Caleb after his unfortunate accident, and Chas (Lucy Pargeter), who has only recently discovered her half-brother, is the most distressed of the group as she contemplates losing him.

She suspects Cain (Jeff Hordley) is to blame for his injuries and is concerned that one brother would be killed by the other.

The blame is being placed at home while Caleb teeters on the verge of passing away in the hospital.

As a result of Will’s (Dean Andrews) peculiar attitude, Kim (Claire King) is forced to verify his account to the police just before giving Will hell for whatever it is he’s hiding.

Nicky and Charity visit Caleb in the hospital (Image: ITV).

With an alibi that doesn’t make up and Chloe (Jessie Elland) turning on him due to her suspicions, Mack (Lawrence Robb) appears to be the most guilty. Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) is another shady character whose alibi is held together by a thread.

Police question Mack, but as his tenuous alibi falls apart, Mack is detained and brought to the station for questioning.

He begins to panic as the questioning continues as he knows how serious the situation is. Even Charity begins to worry about what is happening to Mack, so something must be very wrong.

Chas receives a call that might spell the difference between a murder investigation and an attempted murder inquiry: Caleb is being taken out of his coma. Just when things appear to be in the worst possible shape.

He’s still alive! He could be about to say who pushed him. Will Mack be spared because of this, or will this be his moment to pay?

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