Emmerdale spoilers: Charles to get rid of dad Victor amid violent showdown

Increasingly tense (Image from ITV)

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), a priest in Emmerdale, is all about forgiveness. It plays a major role in his Christian beliefs. But as a son, he has found it difficult to forgive when his father Victor (Eddie Osei) was let out of jail and showed up to settle in the community.

We have gradually learnt more and more about Charles’ father’s difficult past. Because of Victor’s criminal lifestyle, Charles and his mother Claudette (Flo Wilson) were never sure when the police might ominously come on their door.

As Charles recalled the day when Claudette was kept captive by Claudette’s father’s criminal connections while the young Charles desperately scoured the neighborhood pubs for his father, knocks on the door from individuals who weren’t the police were much worse.

When Victor came back, Charles’ main concern was whether or not he would be able to win Claudette back. Victor terrified Claudette at first, but as Charles had anticipated, he gradually won her back. Charles is aware that his father cannot be trusted, but Claudette has fallen prey to his charms once again.

Charles fumes in upcoming episodes as he witnesses his parents’ seeming reunion. Victor appears to be even more pleased with how things have worked out as a result of Charles’ pain. This sparks an argument, and before long the father and son are really fighting. Victor gets a brain aneurysm, so Claudette steps in to defend him by giving him a smack on behalf of her son.

Later, when she attempts to speak to him about her love for the late Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel), to whom she was previously married, Charles and Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) argue. Rishi gifted Manpreet a necklace, but Jai (Chris Bisson) has requested it be returned since it is a family relic. She feels betrayed by Charles’ lack of encouragement for her decision to retain the necklace in spite of Jai’s desires.

Things seem destined to have a poor outcome (ITV image)

This argument is overheard by Victor, who then exploits it to provoke his son. Charles, incensed, makes a promise to find a means to permanently remove Victor from their life.

The next day, Charles and Manpreet reconcile, and Jai shows in to pick up the necklace. However, Manpreet discovers that the jewelry has vanished. She blames Victor right away.

Claudette is sure her husband is innocent, so she searches his pockets as evidence. She discovers the necklace to her surprise. Victor is called, but before PC Swirling (Andy Moore) can arrive, he has disappeared. He is on parole, and he is aware that a little infraction may land him back in jail.

Manpreet is upset when Charles gets home, and Claudette is worried about where Victor could have gone. Victor seems to have left, fulfilling Charles’ request, but at what cost to his family?

He’s been gone for 25 years, but he’s done this kind of thing before, so I would warn her to be cautious, Flo Wilson said.

He has spent their whole marriage in and out of jail. He may not have changed, so just be cautious with your emotions, a buddy would advise.

She said, “She’s very proud because she has a son who is a vicar and her grandson is a lawyer.”

She believes that she is to blame for what transpired. Charles would never have become a vicar if Mary hadn’t guided him in the correct direction. She’s claiming a lot of credit that isn’t strictly hers, but that’s the sort of lady she is, in my opinion.

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