Emmerdale spoilers: Charles vows to get rid of criminal dad as his dark side emerges

Charles desires to keep his family safe. (Image from ITV)

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) anticipated that Claudette (Flo Wilson) would just be stopping by for a quick visit when she arrived in Emmerdale.

However, Claudette’s journey to the Dales has now changed into something a bit more permanent as she revealed to her son and Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) that she has lost her house.

Claudette has been harbouring a lot of secrets from her past and Charles’ youth, despite Charles enjoying having his mother around despite the occasional struggle.

Victor, Claudette’s ex-husband, has apparently been freed from jail and will soon visit the town in an effort to win his family around.

Charles makes a promise to make sure Victor leaves as quickly as possible since he is desperate to keep his mother safe.

Naomi (Karene Peter), who is fascinated by Victor’s antics, is conversing with him as Charles comes up with a strategy.

When Charles realises what’s happening, he orders Victor to leave, which makes Naomi question why Victor despises his father so much.

Charles is forced to tell the newcomer about his and Claudette’s past, but what transpired?

What really happened? (Picture: ITV)

Actress Flo Wilson said how Claudette’s move to the village will alter her: “I think being back in her son’s life and being around people I think she’s slowly learning to rein it in a bit and how to listen as well as talk.”

She may simply be accustomed to chatting while doing nothing. She expresses her opinions, but she believes that she is being honest and that it is better to be direct. I don’t believe she always realises that her words may cause others to feel negatively until after she has spoken them.

“She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, but she walks right over people’s feelings and emotions,” someone once said.

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