Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe’s revenge on Charity over affair has deadly consequences

Chloe finally learns their secret (Picture: ITV)

The biggest battle between Charity (Emma Atkins) and Chloe (Jessie Elland) over Mack (Lawrence Robb) has been building for a while, and it’s going to be a fight to the last person alive in Emmerdale.

After persuading Charity to remain silent and his new fiancée Chloe to leave her home in the United States and relocate to Scotland, Mack somehow believes he has gotten away with sleeping with Charity. For him, life is lovely. But it’s not because Chloe is fully informed.

Chloe is hiding underground, getting ready to get her revenge after overhearing Charity and Mack discussing their romantic encounter in less-than-discreet fashion.

When Chloe (Amy Walsh) overhears Tracy (Jurelle Carter) talking about how she overcame Nate’s (Jurelle Carter) adultery, it appears for a little moment that she might let things go. When she observes Mack and Charity sharing a loving embrace, she is almost ready to let it go. Chloe is looking for a chance to get retribution after things reached a boiling point. Actor Lawrence Robb describes her behavior as being really “unnerving.”

a boiling Chloe starts the car as she and Mack prepare to travel to Scotland for a reconnaissance mission. Everything is perfect up until they come upon Charity, who is stranded on the side of the road. Chloe’s eyes spark with vengeance. According to actress Jessie Elland, “Chloe sees it as the perfect opportunity to get them to confess and perhaps even teach them both a lesson.”

Who will survive? (Picture: ITV)

There is a noticeable awkwardness as Chloe offers to take her up. Charity grows more and more worried when Chloe purposefully misses their turn off and travels to the moors. She ought to be because Chloe intends to abandon her in the wild. They are struck by another automobile, which causes calamity to strike just as Mack begins to realize something is wrong.

As Mack awakens, he realizes how serious their position is; he rushes out of the car only to discover that they are perched on a precipice. When the two ladies awaken, Mack attempts furiously to assist them in getting away, but as they do, Chloe hits the wheel and causes the car to start sliding down the cliff. Who would Mack pick if he only has time to save one of them?

A huge disaster unfolds (Picture: ITV)

Emma Atkins said that no one is immune from the axe when it comes to a solid exit plot when asked if she believed her character was safe.

I don’t think anyone is invincible, she said cryptically. You must constantly be prepared for the possibility that your contract won’t be renewed because characters have a finite lifespan. If so, that’s fantastic.

You must acknowledge that there is life outside of Emmerdale and exercise as much bravery as you can in that area because you never know what may happen from one contract to the next.

Is that a clear indication that Charity won’t last much longer?

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