Emmerdale spoilers: Dan devastates Amelia in brutal outburst as he faces years in prison

It’s still a challenging moment for Amelia and Dan. (Images from ITV)

At the conclusion of Emmerdale on Tuesday, July 11, shocking images saw Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), who is often mild-mannered, utterly turning upon his daughter Amelia (Daisy Campbell) in a verbal assault.

Dan is now likely to spend a significant amount of time in jail after hitting creepy stalker Lloyd (Matt Sutton), who sustained severe and potentially deadly injuries.

The technician has acknowledged punching Lloyd, who had contacted Amelia after internet following. Even though nothing Lloyd did could be deemed unlawful by the authorities, Amelia was horrified by it since she thought it was strange and improper.

Dan attempted to scare the man away by sending him a threatening text message. Following the assault, he visited him in the hospital and chatted with his wife. These facts led the authorities to the conclusion that Dan intended to hurt Lloyd on purpose. Every statement he made appeared to make the situation worse, and in the prior episode, he had been legally accused of GBH.

He made an effort to hide this from Amelia, but she quickly learned about the document with the accusation printed on it. After that, Dan purchased wine from David (Matthew Wolfenden) and then walked into the woods to become very intoxicated. David worriedly located him and took him home, leaving Amelia to look after him.

Amelia recommended they speak to Caleb (William Ash) and see if the solicitors who helped Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Kyle (Huey Quinn) get out of jail might assist Dan since she assumed he had just given up and was no longer going to fight for his release.

Do you not care what happens to me and Esther? she asked her dad, trying to elicit some sort of response from him. He informed David that all of his acts had been motivated by a desire to take care of Amelia, which is why he snapped.

Things for the family are becoming worse. (Image from ITV)

Dan was really enraged, and the stress of the circumstance was showing. Amelia was the target of his rage as he told her. You ought to have paid attention to me. I tried to warn you, but you simply kept going. He admitted that assaulting Lloyd was wrong, but said if Amelia hadn’t been active on social media, the whole incident wouldn’t have happened.

“Who originally brought him around?” He asked for it. ‘You!’

According to Daisy Campbell, these moments were actually challenging to shoot.

She remarked, “It actually felt like my own dad was shouting at me.” It appeared as though Liam was yelling at me. Dan has never lost his cool in front of Amelia; instead, she always loses it first and takes charge of the situation. He snaps at Amelia in this circumstance, and it felt dreadful, like I was truly being yelled at. Dan’s persona also had a distinct element to it, in my opinion.

With Dan potentially being taken away for a lengthy period, how will this dispute effect their tight relationship?

Daisy sighed, “I think she will accept it and come to terms with it.” “I just think that with everything going on right now, Amelia will never get over it,” I said. Although it will always be on her shoulders, I believe she will learn to accept what he said. She’ll finally pardon him.

The future is looking very bleak for Dan, as well as for Amelia and Esther, as Lloyd remains on the verge of death in the hospital.

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