Emmerdale spoilers: Mack gets yet more bad news from Moira

A choice must be made (Image: ITV)

Mack’s (Lawrence Robb) recent struggles include being anguishly booted out by Charity (Emmer Atkins) and nearly avoiding being charged with murder in Emmerdale. There are usually three bad pieces of news.

After asking Chloe (Jessie Elland) to tell a lie after he was accused of shoving Caleb (Will Ash) to his potential death, he has just recently been able to mend his relationship with her. He has also just signed the lease on a new home. All seems well. However, is he going to lose everything once more?

Given the condition of Butler’s Farm, signing a new lease wasn’t the best course of action. If Moira (Natalie J. Robb) doesn’t take action soon, she will be in financial disaster because there isn’t much money coming in.

The moment has come for Moira to make a difficult decision, Cain says. She must decide whether to let Mack lose his job or save Nate (Jurell Carter). Mack has been a tremendous help and is her brother. Nate is a fantastic farm worker and Cain’s kid. It’s not an easy decision.

In order to avoid having to make the decision herself, Moira devises a cunning—yet cowardly—plan in which she puts the two men against one another. They are informed that a competitive interview procedure would be used to choose one candidate for the position.

Caleb concentrates on assisting Tracy. (Images from ITV)

Tracy (Amy Walsh) is enraged by this, and Caleb, who is eager to invest in her nursery concept, persuades her to accept a cash offer.

The decision Tracy makes next might have a significant impact on her family because Nate’s employment is at danger.

Has Moira’s inability to make decisions caused some disastrous steps in Caleb’s next con?

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