Emmerdale spoilers: Desperate April Windsor begs Gus Malcolms as Rhona Goskirk’s life hangs in the balance

April is desperate to save Rhona from prison (Picture: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) is going to have a difficult time as her court hearing about the accusation of stealing baby Ivy approaches.

Rhona acted out of love and the link she has with Ivy, even though technically speaking she was wrong to take Ivy since she does not have a claim to the kid. Ivy may not be Rhona’s biological daughter, but Rhona thinks that she is since she is the product of an embryo that Rhona and her late husband Gus (Alan McKenna) frozen while they were married.

She thus feels uncomfortable with the idea of admitting guilt to kidnapping. Her profession would be lost, and she couldn’t bear the thought of being associated with crime, even if it would result in a lesser sentence. Rhona then informs Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Mary (Louise Jameson) that she intends to enter a not guilty plea and present her case at a trial.

The events have also had an impact on other family members. April (Amelia Flanagan) is upset with her stepmother for prioritizing her fixation with Ivy above her care for April and Leo (Harvey Rogerson).

When Gus takes April home, there is a scuffle (Picture: ITV)

April makes the decision to speak with Gus on her own and resolves to move decisively in the next episodes.

Alan McKenna told us, “It’s a brave move on her part,” adding that April’s pleas is heard by Gus in a manner that no other appeal has.

He is more moved by her vulnerability as a little girl than by anything else he has encountered so far, in my opinion. She shares touching details about her upbringing and personal background with him, relating it all to how Ivy would respond if she learns certain things about her current predicament later on. I believe it makes him consider how his actions now may affect his daughter’s relationship in the future.

Gus, however, becomes enraged when April unintentionally divulges that Rhona intends to enter a not guilty plea. He returns April home, and when Rhona attempts to see Ivy, he gets into an altercation with Marlon. Despite being hurt in the altercation, Gus won’t accept Marlon’s apologies.

April leaves in the midst of all of this, distraught that the adults aren’t acting like adults.

However, it seems that April’s intervention may have been successful when Gus devises a workable solution that has the potential to save the whole thing.

Will Rhona concur?

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