Emmerdale’s Tom King to commit physical, emotional and tech abuse against wife Belle Dingle in horrific campaign

Tom will continue isolating Belle from her friends and family (Picture: ITV)

In the next months, Emmerdale will continue to concentrate on the abusive relationship between Tom King (James Chase) and Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper). The plot will emphasize how a person may use technology to follow their spouse.

After being married last week, Belle and Tom returned from their honeymoon in tonight’s (February 22) episode of the ITV soap opera. Belle and Tom seem to be happy than ever, yet their relationship is far from perfect.

Although Tom has already begun to show evidence of coercive control, there are also signals that suggest physical abuse may follow.

Emmerdale will highlight the growth in technological abuse, where victims use trackers and covert cameras to control and stalk their partners, while Belle maintains this a secret from her family.

Producer Laura Shaw discussed this plot, saying, “Soaps are in the extraordinary position of being able to highlight what happens over a longer period of time behind the public face of an abusive relationship.” Because they care so much about these individuals, the audience may even know them better than their own friends and relatives.

Even while it might be horrifying to see this kind of plot unfold, it is crucial that we utilize our platform to raise awareness of domestic violence and support those who have too often been silenced.

Actress Eden Taylor-Draper went on to share her thoughts on Belle’s future:

We were quite conscious of the responsibilities that would come with it when we first learned from the producers how the Tom and Belle romance tale was going to unfold. However, it’s a crucial tale to share. Soaps provide the audience a peek into people’s private lives and expose the falsity of what they choose to portray to the outside world. The unfortunate truth is that this kind of behavior in a relationship is much too common.

I really hope we tell this narrative well. And individuals should absolutely seek assistance if they find themselves in such a circumstance.

Tom has already started controlling Belle (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale collaborated with the anti-domestic abuse organization New Beginnings Peer Support during the study phase.

As an after-crisis service, we see the trauma caused by domestic violence lasting a long time, and we really think that prevention is the key. Thus, CEO Lindsay Olive said, “We are delighted that Emmerdale will be highlighting this plot to highlight the realities of domestic abuse, warning signs within a relationship, and the difficulties of leaving.”

“Domestic abuse is still a hidden pandemic, and the more information that is made available to the public to raise awareness, the more likely it is that perpetrator behavior will be identified and victims will receive the necessary support.”

Emmerdale sheds light on the multifaceted aspect of domestic abuse. Tom King will manipulate, love bomb, isolate Belle from her loved ones, and inflict physical and mental harm on her while also using technology.

Emma Pickering, Head of Economic Empowerment and Technology-Facilitated Abuse at Refuge, made the following observation:

“Refuge is happy to have worked with the Emmerdale writers and producers to develop the Tom and Belle storyline and highlight the heartbreaking realities of domestic abuse for viewers.”

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