Emmerdale spoilers: Evil Colin blames Laurel for losing Marshall as he reveals his sinister plot

Laurel has run across some difficulties. (Image from ITV)

In Tuesday’s (August 8) episode of Emmerdale, Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) was imprisoned by a deranged Colin Hamston (Mark Noble), who was determined to hold her responsible for everything that had gone wrong in his life.

In order to get Marshall (Max Fletcher)’s passport, Laurel had gone to Colin’s residence. Marshall wanted to go on vacation, so he phoned Arthur (Alfie Clarke) and asked him for assistance in obtaining the passport. Laurel agreed to phone in and obtain the passport and deposit it at the airport even though she was on her way to the airport where she was scheduled to board a flight to India to join Jai (Chris Bisson) during Rishi’s funeral.

There was no one home when she arrived to Colin’s, but the door was open. As she moved inside, she saw that everything was out of order. Colin abruptly materialised behind her and closed the door.

Colin embarrassed himself the last time we met him by yelling at the bus shelter’s entrance. After that, he lost his job, and it is clear that he has been spiralling downhill ever since.

Laurel was first able to control the circumstance. Colin accepted her suggestion to make a cup of tea and have a conversation while sitting down. As he expressed his regret for what he had done to Marshall, he came off as being fairly reasonable.

Laurel gently discussed his late wife with Marshall, who was just nine years old. Colin, who has strong religious convictions, said that his wife had held the view that “if we follow God’s path we will be together again.” ‘Bring Marshall to her,’ Colin vowed to do.

The mood started to alter at this point as Colin worried that he had let his wife down by losing Marshall. He didn’t want to imply that he had lost his son as a result of his own terrible actions, which included abusing Marshall physically and emotionally mostly because Marshall was homosexual. His kid rejected him and moved home with Laurel and Jai and subsequently his aunt because of Colin’s homophobia.

Colin is returned to exact justice. (Image from ITV)

Colin believed that he had ‘lost’ Marshall from the moral path that would have brought him to his mother in paradise. Marshall’s lack of faith allowed the devil to get in, he argued. “It also happened to your son,”

Laurel made the decision to grab the passport and depart since she couldn’t stand by and watch Colin abuse Arthur or Marshall. She was “steeped in denial,” Colin said.

Colin showed there and asked her to persuade Marshall to come and speak to him while she searched through Marshall’s room for the passport. Everything had been wonderful, he said, until her “perverted little son” entered their life. He then placed the responsibility for everything that had gone wrong on her family.

Now that she was really terrified, Laurel threatened to call the police if Colin didn’t get out of her path, but he already had her phone. He left the room and locked the door after telling her that she couldn’t go until she brought Marshall back to him.

It might be many hours before anybody discovers that Laurel is absent since she was meant to be travelling to India. How much risk is she facing?

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